Let’s Write…

Do not hold

the wandering emotions

let them untie,

Do not mould

the unsaid feelings

let them undie,

Do not let

unknown pain cry

instead make them

free to smile,

Do not unfold

an unfinished story

lets make another try,

Let love win over

all rage,

Let the beaten paths aside

hold the hands again,

For you, let’s write!

Versatile Blogger Award


Bieng versatile means exciting to me as i always try to pen different things to keep my excitement towards writing as I begin my journey both in blogging & writing with picturing my experiences of travelling into words and after sometime found myself to be confined in a shell of  boredom with regular article writings that became the reason of  story telling and crafting poetries,an escape route to boredom with opportunity to restart the blogging again so somehow it becomes a special recognition to me.

I am thankful to sweetest young writer Sweta Ojha for considering me for this recognition.Check out her blog for beautiful reads on different genres and her fiction novel “The Last Journal”.

The Rules

  1. Show the award on your blog
  2. Thank the person/people who nominated you
  3. Share 7 things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 10 blogs


Seven things about myself

Though i already mentioned myself in Liebster Award,the most common seven are here:

  1. As i mentioned here i cannot stick with one regular thing i keep trying new things and presently i am dedicated towards my book writing.
  2. Travelling different places is my second full time job.
  3. I am a Hotelier by profession so my tummy is always ready for yummy food,i like cooking different cuisines.
  4. I am little lazy on parameters of punctuality,i unconsciously tend to keep time forward in my wrist watches & mobile phones…you will never get right time if asking me :p
  5. I need music for concentrating in almost everything.
  6. I think there exist only two words to compete with anything either Yes or its No,rest are for looser.
  7. If you will sit with me two minutes,i will deliver my best of mimic performance on third minute to you.My bosses hate & love me for this 😉

WordPress is a platform of versatile writers and every blog has its own versatility but these are some wonderful blogs i enjoyed while reading:

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Happy blogging & keep Smiling!! 🙂