Tumhare Bina..


Adhkule hotho mein
dabe zasbaato ke darmayan
ke koi baat dafn hai,
charaag tale andhero ke
madhosh surmayi nazro mein
ek khwab dafn hai,
lafz do inhe
ke hawao ka rukh badle
kuch hum behke
kuch ishq mehke.

अध्खुले होठों मे
दबे जस्बातो के दरम्यान
के कोई बात दफ्न है,
चिराग तले अँधेरों के
मदहोश सुर्मयी नज़रों मे
एक ख्वाब दफ्न है,
लफ्ज दो इन्हे
के हवाओं का रुख बदले
कुछ हम बेहके
कुछ इश्क मेहके..

Long time…

kaafi waqt guzra

tere chehre ke deedar paaye

Jigar mein lakh ankahe afsaane

khamoshiyo ke darmayan hamne they chipaye

nazaro mein intezaar ek mulakat ka

jo milo kabhi toh tumhe batlaye..

काफ़ी वक्त गुज़रा 

तेरे चेहरे के दीदार पाये 

जिगर में लाख अनकहे अफ़साने 

खामोशियों  के दरम्यान हमने थे  छुपाएँ 

नज़रों को इन्तेज़ार बस्स एक मुलाकात का 

जो कभी मिलों तो तुम्हे बतलाये..

Its been a long time

since i had glimse of your face

There are lot of unsaid tales 

remains in heart

that i used to hide behind 

my silence

Eyes will be waiting 

to meet you for once only

to tell you everything 

once you will meet..

Thinking of you..

Late at night when the world is sleeping

I am thinking of you

it is all dark here around me

come and usher sweet morning,

Hope gloats, hope floats.

either your way or just away

the moon seems to be the only one that holds isanity

arousing me with it’s inner peace and spirituality,

Let me infuse a dream into the sleepless night

in which you’re close to me & wild

our souls merging pulses beating high with passionate evolution

I am the cicerone who yearns to guide solely

leaving footprints, upon my ultimate destination,

Late at night when the world is sleeping

I am thinking of you!!


खामोशियों में  रहे, खामोशियों के सवाल  जवाब

आस पास  रहकर भी आस पास फासले हज़ार,

तू सो जा ए दिल

अँधेरा बहुत तेरे शहर में 

के अपना यहाँ कोई दिखता नही 

जो दिखता है वो अपना नही!

Dates n Days…

The day you lived your life to its fullest

is your day only….

Rest are the dates of calender!

Dates & Days are meant to change, we are not.

Before saying Goodbye!!

Lets sign off with a smile
take a long breath & forget

all the pain for a while

live the life like it will end tonight

so hold my hands for the last time

ligate the souls before the time flies

Lets give up on worthless cries

spruceup this moment with happiness & absolute joy

a picture perfect that will glow

forever somewhere deep 

beyond the periphery of world

enclose in our hearts & eyes,

Lets celebrate the separation

before the souls will die

lets embrace the love till eternity

before saying goodbye!!!

hold my hands..

I will always be there near to you

In waft of melodious spring waves

That relishes and rejuvenates to few

If you recognise me

Touch my heart & feel the blow

Hold my hands and don’t let me go!


Sometimes life needs a break

To sustain in unfinished game

To settle down the things

To atone the deadliest sins

To forget the guilts

To vanish the shackles of the doubts

To find your place among the crowd

To gather the peace of mind

To win over the scary threats

To start the life once again

Sometimes life needs a break!



कहने को हमदम हरकदम तुम्हारा ज़माना 
दर्द का हमदर्द दुर तक नही 

अकेले आये,अकेले ही जाना 

जिंदगी तेरे महमान तो बहुत कोई दोस्त नही!


To say its the world with you at every step
but nobody appears caring distant far in pain

you came alone,will leave alone

life has many guests nevertheless a friend! 


Kehne ko humdum harkadam hai zamaana
dard ka koi hamdard door tak nahi 

akele aaye hai,akele hi jaana

zindagi tere mehmaan toh bahut, koi dost nahi !