After a long..!!

 I see you after a long

 oh! girl you’re changed

 but the feelings of my heart

& soul remained unchanged,

you sat across the crowd of thousands

yet lonely deep down from heart,

your eyes have paled

hairs have lost thier sail

Is that a sign of pain

or a mark of drowning age

no matter whatever is it

nothing looks more pristine 

as i still love this angelic face,

I wished if i’ll bring back

the lost smile again

but then i saw someone

came near to you,coaxing you

with all his possible ways

I smiled back once again

on my fate 

i missed a chance to confess

that it’s still love,

You’re still the one,

You’ll always be the one!


A day spent without you

Is a endless dead path

I sware my love is true

Yet longing for my star

I don’t know where are you

I wish it’s not that far

Somewhere on depth of galaxies

Or somewhere buried in heart.


Going through a rough phase of writer’s block and when nothing came in nook & corners of mind and heart the result would be morever colourless wall….

Hasta La Vista

Happy Blogging!!

Gumnam shayar ki behtareen shayari

Aankho mein basa koi adhura khwab


Candle Light..

Packed with glitters 
and amazing stickers

candles feel thier existence

like a purposeless feature

among the flaunting lights

of modern vibes,

soon they saw a child

keen to become something

out on roadside feral domicile

devoted in studies 

under mild candle light,

after some distance ahead

they saw crowd march of protest

against venom,malign & dark

things of society to highlight

holding candles as a hope of light,

up against all fears & threats

candles gathered thier existence once again

they realized its better to light the lives rather 

to light the purposeless flaunts of disdain.

The Daily Post – prompt Candle

Truth..A #4 word story!

Truth is sweet,truth is harsh

Too much sweet injurious for

Health & heart

Speak truth

No matter if it stays 

Last or lasts…

Its better bitter for truth!!

Memories & Words(Quote)

“Everything else remains in this world,the only thing stays back are the memories & words to remember you for lifetime”


Sometimes life needs a break

To sustain in unfinished game

To settle down the things

To atone the deadliest sins

To forget the guilts

To vanish the shackles of the doubts

To find your place among the crowd

To gather the peace of mind

To win over the scary threats

To start the life once again

Sometimes life needs a break!