Right person or Wrong time?

It is said that right things happen at right time and when things won’t work in our favour we used to look for excuses or curse on wrong time but never accept the thing that won’t happens to us was wrong…

“I fell in love once
i fell in love twice
thank you beauties
you taught me lesson
now i have the tricks
to make another try
Lets repeat the mistake again
let me fall in thrice”

Long time…

kaafi waqt guzra

tere chehre ke deedar paaye

Jigar mein lakh ankahe afsaane

khamoshiyo ke darmayan hamne they chipaye

nazaro mein intezaar ek mulakat ka

jo milo kabhi toh tumhe batlaye..

काफ़ी वक्त गुज़रा 

तेरे चेहरे के दीदार पाये 

जिगर में लाख अनकहे अफ़साने 

खामोशियों  के दरम्यान हमने थे  छुपाएँ 

नज़रों को इन्तेज़ार बस्स एक मुलाकात का 

जो कभी मिलों तो तुम्हे बतलाये..

Its been a long time

since i had glimse of your face

There are lot of unsaid tales 

remains in heart

that i used to hide behind 

my silence

Eyes will be waiting 

to meet you for once only

to tell you everything 

once you will meet..

Dates n Days…

The day you lived your life to its fullest

is your day only….

Rest are the dates of calender!

Dates & Days are meant to change, we are not.