Zindagi Haseen Hai..!

Unsaid words!

wo jo tum keh na sake

wo jo hum sun na sake

jazbaat sahir ki gehrayi mein rahe

kaafir naseeb musafir kinaare rahe

inteha-e-ishq me doobi syahi

rukhsat-e-jigar khwab rahe

Nigaho se bayaan daastan

aankho ki nami mein dafn hui

teri mohabbat waali kahaani

kuch ankahe lafzo mein band hui

वो जो तुम कह न सके 

वो जो हम सुन न सके 

जज्बात साहिर की गहराई में रहे 

काफ़िर नसीब मुसाफ़िर किनारे रहे 

इंतेहा ए इश्क में डूबी स्याही 

रूख्सत ए जिगर ख्वाब रहे 

निगाहों से बयान दास्तां 

आँखो की नमी में दफ्न हुई 

तेरी मुहब्बत वाली कहानी 

कुछ अनकहे लफ्जों में बँद हुई 

Those things you won’t be able express

Those things i won’t be able to listen

Depth of feelings remains deep in oceans

Fate remains skeptic whereas littorals remains stranger

Ink flooded with limitless love

& dreams kept leaving from heart

A tale initiated from the eyes

endup in dampness of eyes

Story of your love

closed in few unsaid words

Before saying Goodbye!!

Lets sign off with a smile
take a long breath & forget

all the pain for a while

live the life like it will end tonight

so hold my hands for the last time

ligate the souls before the time flies

Lets give up on worthless cries

spruceup this moment with happiness & absolute joy

a picture perfect that will glow

forever somewhere deep 

beyond the periphery of world

enclose in our hearts & eyes,

Lets celebrate the separation

before the souls will die

lets embrace the love till eternity

before saying goodbye!!!


A day spent without you

Is a endless dead path

I sware my love is true

Yet longing for my star

I don’t know where are you

I wish it’s not that far

Somewhere on depth of galaxies

Or somewhere buried in heart.