to be or not to be

with you or without you

on the brim of placid moonlight

on the glitter of golden sunshine

i feel blues in heavenly sky

every nook & corner becomes a beautiful sight

you are always besides me

when i think of love

or in every word i write.


Hold My Hands..!

Hold my hands, wishing as if you would save me..
All around me is lonely destiny
the sweet memories crawling down to galore of anonymity and
yelling abruptly,
Living with cult jilt, condemn enjoys
nights seems dull,dark,hopeless &
mornings gave up spreading vibes of joy,
Missing my star glaring with some complaints on lips
and ablaze scars
dwelling me deep down in guilt showers,
All love and blooming desires
at some fine moment you ushered on me
nefarious thoughts plundering those cherished moments &
loosing profound touch completely,
Hold my hands, expecting as if you would embrace me..


🌛🌌Tonight 💕🌜

Love is all speaking tonight
it is in the air everywhere
blushing with shy smile
you & me within a wild try,
love is all in our eyes
together we feel
together we kill
difference between lust & sin,
kiss me all over
let the breathe gets wild show me the darkest side of all the sweet pain topped with naked truth & lie.


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Love Notes

I Love you because

You are my life &

A life without you is worthless,

Never be my choice.

A Dream!

Last night, I slept over a dream
everything was amazing between you & me
its fantastic, beautiful & serene
fragrance coming down from the valley of flowers
Pristine roads covered with snow
cupids pitching romantics on soft notes
sensation of heartbeats falling high, sometimes low..
Soon i realised it was a mere fantasy
but i kept my eyes closed
to explore a relationship beyond realities of sweet impossibilities a little more.



Lost in dream of bliss
a full moon night, you & me
playing hide & seek
with twinkling stars,tinkling
beats between heart & eyes,
Beautiful mesmerizing eyes
holds all beauty of tempting night
eludes mischiefs of my mind
The delicate touch of lips
entwined with sweet smile
like taste of honey for lifetime,
Swiftly advancing soft whispers
of your voice near to my ear
singing the melody of love
that i was longing to hear,
Embraced in arms of dreams
i felt a kiss of warmth
snatching all my fear
i found you next to me,holding my hands
a bliss close & near.


Zindagi Haseen Hai..!

Love Notes

One stop for the journey
of life belongs to you 

ends with last beat of heart…

Don’t ask for the destinations,

everywhere its unconditional love!

a little…

There is that place a little in me where

I can feel you a little everyday

Your fingerprints still rest and

Your kisses still lingers a little everyday

Your whispers softly echo a little everyday

Your memories rambling around a little everyday

I guess if i could explain

I miss you a little everyday

Its a little place where

A little part of you will forever a part of me

A little too often yet a little much

And a little more with each passing day!

Love Notes

There are few unnamed relations seeks no identity or a societal tag mark, niether friendship nor love can fill its space…these relations are priceless & away from the boundaries of egoism built on the foundation of believe & trust.