I travelled a lot beyond the limits of sky
Somewhere deep in your beautiful eyes
I found destination of mysterious life,
Experienced the magical colors of rainbows
Melodies of inferior outrageous vibes
silence of breathing death & wonder of smiles,
I forgot my deep sorrows & cankered wounds
under the interlaced quivers of eyelids
waking me up for mornings of joys,
You are prettiest flower of magical garden
Queen of evergreen day & moonlit nights
I cannot see a dip of darkness in your eyes,
I want to end up everything
In that very special place you never know
my eyes will show you that i always wanted you to show.



After a long break when writing seems to be mandate….🤔😋

Something i have never thought before
about your persona of timeless beauty
these mysterious spy eyes, engulf with
thousands of treasures inside
the more I try to evacute the secrets
the more I reach out to doors that
silently letting me helpless
on bay of clueless fragile shore..
Something i have never thought before
about the meaning of your unsaid words
the enchanting language of love, strucked
on the soft petals of your lips
the more I try to kiss this experience
the more I reach out to bitterness
of unsolved enigma of life
beneath the reality of truth
deep down emotions found died…
Something i never thought before
about the relations that stays long
souls stitched to one heart
breath, live and exist distant far
the more we try to stay apart
the more closer here we are
in the moments and memories
cherished toghether,
I am safe somewhere
in the silent eyes & sweet smiles forever,
Something i never thought before
relations aren’t about finding everything
few things stays better unresolved.


Sweet Wine

I learnt making wine
More of truth
Less of lies
Niether i spoke to any chef
Nor i had an expertise
I added some love
I added few surprise
churned some trust
substracted all fights
Honesty is all i seek
I swirl all over with heart
It tastes divine & sweet
Its a wine like you and me.

Lets walk again..

Lets walk again towards past
the moments cherished together relations bloomed shortly then crushed hard
endeavor the magic of feelings
hold my hands for once till last,
Dip down deep in the ocean
without any artificial masks
carefree lost in each other away from extents of ends in love
bewilder rebellious life has fun,
Fights are the part of life, still
the only truth lingers between us
the bond of longing belief & trust
filled in heart to the brim of love
lets hold it instead making worst,
Lets walk again towards past
hold my hands for once till last!


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Love Notes

One stop for the journey
of life belongs to you 

ends with last beat of heart…

Don’t ask for the destinations,

everywhere its unconditional love!

Thinking of you..

Late at night when the world is sleeping

I am thinking of you

it is all dark here around me

come and usher sweet morning,

Hope gloats, hope floats.

either your way or just away

the moon seems to be the only one that holds isanity

arousing me with it’s inner peace and spirituality,

Let me infuse a dream into the sleepless night

in which you’re close to me & wild

our souls merging pulses beating high with passionate evolution

I am the cicerone who yearns to guide solely

leaving footprints, upon my ultimate destination,

Late at night when the world is sleeping

I am thinking of you!!


I found love in misery

When i dipped untold emotions

Engulfed in distant lost feelings

I see you in every sweet rhyme

Poetry that bring back smiles

& the moment of fights

Poetry that left moist dry eyes

All these words belongs to you

You are the reason whatever i write

Words will say the things

You haven’t read

The things i haven’t said

Unsaid words!

wo jo tum keh na sake

wo jo hum sun na sake

jazbaat sahir ki gehrayi mein rahe

kaafir naseeb musafir kinaare rahe

inteha-e-ishq me doobi syahi

rukhsat-e-jigar khwab rahe

Nigaho se bayaan daastan

aankho ki nami mein dafn hui

teri mohabbat waali kahaani

kuch ankahe lafzo mein band hui

वो जो तुम कह न सके 

वो जो हम सुन न सके 

जज्बात साहिर की गहराई में रहे 

काफ़िर नसीब मुसाफ़िर किनारे रहे 

इंतेहा ए इश्क में डूबी स्याही 

रूख्सत ए जिगर ख्वाब रहे 

निगाहों से बयान दास्तां 

आँखो की नमी में दफ्न हुई 

तेरी मुहब्बत वाली कहानी 

कुछ अनकहे लफ्जों में बँद हुई 

Those things you won’t be able express

Those things i won’t be able to listen

Depth of feelings remains deep in oceans

Fate remains skeptic whereas littorals remains stranger

Ink flooded with limitless love

& dreams kept leaving from heart

A tale initiated from the eyes

endup in dampness of eyes

Story of your love

closed in few unsaid words

KISS the elixir

Let me kiss heavenly elixir

mingled with stubborn gaze

swirl all around for better taste

under the roof of blue umbrella

its just you & me getting insane

in periphery of heavy storm & rain

we bieng one gulp all love and pain

however the idea of bieng alcoholic

remains worthless stayed invain.

The Proposal

When the eyes speaks it all

Answers came off with a smile

It is Love..💏💑💝