Eye for Eye

Forget all the cruelities of this world
All the truth & lie
resides in my eyes however
it needs an eye to find
what’s in eye.


Everyday i dream…

Hopping around in lush green fields
where love bloom hassle free
all day night in your warm embrace
away from wordly chaos
its only you & me
thats all everyday i dream.


Love Notes

One stop for the journey
of life belongs to you 

ends with last beat of heart…

Don’t ask for the destinations,

everywhere its unconditional love!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

This is for all you sweet Mothers present out here…you all are awesome and words fall short to depict motherly love.

Stay blessed,stay happy!!

For the first love of every child…

Happy Mother’s Day💞😇


Whenever the feelings of my insight

scatters over the pages

Gardens of my heart incensed 

from your reference,

Words will get wrap in 

fragrance of your love

You seems to be accepted

in my all wishes.


Dates n Days…

The day you lived your life to its fullest

is your day only….

Rest are the dates of calender!

Dates & Days are meant to change, we are not.


“Because she is the wonderful creation of the god”


Happy womens day to all powerful “she” out here.

Great Stories…

“The biggest qualit of great stories is that

We dont need to remember them,

They remain alive in our memories”

The Proposal

When the eyes speaks it all

Answers came off with a smile

It is Love..💏💑💝

Love Notes

There are few unnamed relations seeks no identity or a societal tag mark, niether friendship nor love can fill its space…these relations are priceless & away from the boundaries of egoism built on the foundation of believe & trust.