Tumhare Bina..

Right person or Wrong time?

It is said that right things happen at right time and when things won’t work in our favour we used to look for excuses or curse on wrong time but never accept the thing that won’t happens to us was wrong…

“I fell in love once
i fell in love twice
thank you beauties
you taught me lesson
now i have the tricks
to make another try
Lets repeat the mistake again
let me fall in thrice”

Main (I)

Lost somewhere in the crowd

Don’t know where i slept

Time has stolen time from me

I’ve lost myself somewhere in me

An Art…

Tell me, how many among this crowd 

felt the sweetness of strange art

i saw a beautiful woman 

with a lonely heart

longing to fly away 

to gulp all blue,

I saw a beautiful woman

young & fair,curly hair

Soft as silk, white like snow

Angel with magical eyes

bending down beside the glowing bars


खामोशियों में  रहे, खामोशियों के सवाल  जवाब

आस पास  रहकर भी आस पास फासले हज़ार,

तू सो जा ए दिल

अँधेरा बहुत तेरे शहर में 

के अपना यहाँ कोई दिखता नही 

जो दिखता है वो अपना नही!


I found love in misery

When i dipped untold emotions

Engulfed in distant lost feelings

I see you in every sweet rhyme

Poetry that bring back smiles

& the moment of fights

Poetry that left moist dry eyes

All these words belongs to you

You are the reason whatever i write

Words will say the things

You haven’t read

The things i haven’t said


Whenever the feelings of my insight

scatters over the pages

Gardens of my heart incensed 

from your reference,

Words will get wrap in 

fragrance of your love

You seems to be accepted

in my all wishes.


Unsaid words!

wo jo tum keh na sake

wo jo hum sun na sake

jazbaat sahir ki gehrayi mein rahe

kaafir naseeb musafir kinaare rahe

inteha-e-ishq me doobi syahi

rukhsat-e-jigar khwab rahe

Nigaho se bayaan daastan

aankho ki nami mein dafn hui

teri mohabbat waali kahaani

kuch ankahe lafzo mein band hui

वो जो तुम कह न सके 

वो जो हम सुन न सके 

जज्बात साहिर की गहराई में रहे 

काफ़िर नसीब मुसाफ़िर किनारे रहे 

इंतेहा ए इश्क में डूबी स्याही 

रूख्सत ए जिगर ख्वाब रहे 

निगाहों से बयान दास्तां 

आँखो की नमी में दफ्न हुई 

तेरी मुहब्बत वाली कहानी 

कुछ अनकहे लफ्जों में बँद हुई 

Those things you won’t be able express

Those things i won’t be able to listen

Depth of feelings remains deep in oceans

Fate remains skeptic whereas littorals remains stranger

Ink flooded with limitless love

& dreams kept leaving from heart

A tale initiated from the eyes

endup in dampness of eyes

Story of your love

closed in few unsaid words


When the roads to success turns aside down

When the light of smile swirls into dark mourn

When you found yourself alone with nobody around

When the mind denied to initiate a fresh start

There comes an opportunity to take up guard

On positive ground against all odds

Play safe with all courage and

Hope in heart

As the ball that falls from high

Will bounce back with its highest fly!!

Revolution instead Resolution

May be this year

i will change 

a little for best

and a lot for the rest,

May be i will save more

some funds & memories

to procure past & future in galore,

May be i will explore more

depth of the mysterious world

behind sweet & sour words

to find divine boon in shed of curse,

May be this year 

i’ll bring revolution instead resolutions

to have a smooth walk over beaten paths

for some unaccomplished tasks.