Something I never thought before…

After a long I enjoyed something while writing and I hope you will like it too.

Relationships are the most delicate thing to handle in life, it needs proper balance of love, care & understanding to cherish its importance.

You can never create great relationships in a day, it needs daily construction and there is no need to solve everything in your own way in relationship as there are few things stays better if unresolved.
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Something i have never thought before
about your persona of timeless beauty
these mysterious perplex eyes, engulf with
thousands of treasures inside
the more I try to evacute the secrets
the more I reach out to doors that
silently letting me helpless
on bay of clueless fragile shore..

Something i have never thought before
about the meaning of your unsaid words
the enchanting language of love, strucked
on the soft petals of your lips
the more I try to kiss this experience
the more I reach out to bitterness
of unsolved enigma of life
beneath the reality of truth
deep down emotions found died…

Something i never thought before
about the relations that stays long
souls stitched to one heart
breath, live and exist distant far
the more we try to stay apart
the more closer here we are
in the moments and memories
cherished toghether,
I am safe somewhere
in the silent eyes & sweet smiles forever,

Something i never thought before
relations aren’t about finding everything
few things stays better unresolved.

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Words from prashantt

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Everyday Mother’s Day❤

For the first love of every child…

Sweet, caring, always close to you and stood behind you with same devotion & love whether it’s thunderstorm of unbearable problems or showers of joy, lap wherein you’ll forget all pains and wake up to see her loving face…medicine of .every cause, MOTHER.
Make her feel special everyday because she is behind your existence and a step closer to feel god.

Mother’s love is unquestionably the most cherish emotion of life. Mother, the word itself get rid from all worldly pains and sufferings with injection of a soothing touch of relief.

Everyday Mother’s Day!!

Toiled day long, her magical embrace is boon

Wishing all the mothers here, a very happy mother’s day today & everyday because you all are holy blessed souls.

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Keep Writing & Reading,



Lost in dream of bliss
a full moon night, you & me
playing hide & seek
with twinkling stars,tinkling
beats between heart & eyes,
Beautiful mesmerizing eyes
holds all beauty of tempting night
eludes mischiefs of my mind
The delicate touch of lips
entwined with sweet smile
like taste of honey for lifetime,
Swiftly advancing soft whispers
of your voice near to my ear
singing the melody of love
that i was longing to hear,
Embraced in arms of dreams
i felt a kiss of warmth
snatching all my fear
i found you next to me,holding my hands
a bliss close & near.


Tumhare Bina..


I read so much of hindi poetries in last few days that i cannot stop myself to write on from my pen.

Ignition of thoughts really comes from sparkling reads.

Ek Baat…


Adhkule hotho mein
dabe zasbaato ke darmayan
ke koi baat dafn hai,
charaag tale andhero ke
madhosh surmayi nazro mein
ek khwab dafn hai,
lafz do inhe
ke hawao ka rukh badle
kuch hum behke
kuch ishq mehke.

अध्खुले होठों मे
दबे जस्बातो के दरम्यान
के कोई बात दफ्न है,
चिराग तले अँधेरों के
मदहोश सुर्मयी नज़रों मे
एक ख्वाब दफ्न है,
लफ्ज दो इन्हे
के हवाओं का रुख बदले
कुछ हम बेहके
कुछ इश्क मेहके..

Let’s Write…

Do not hold

the wandering emotions

let them untie,

Do not mould

the unsaid feelings

let them undie,

Do not let

unknown pain cry

instead make them

free to smile,

Do not unfold

an unfinished story

lets make another try,

Let love win over

all rage,

Let the beaten paths aside

hold the hands again,

For you, let’s write!

After a long..!!

 I see you after a long

 oh! girl you’re changed

 but the feelings of my heart

& soul remained unchanged,

you sat across the crowd of thousands

yet lonely deep down from heart,

your eyes have paled

hairs have lost thier sail

Is that a sign of pain

or a mark of drowning age

no matter whatever is it

nothing looks more pristine 

as i still love this angelic face,

I wished if i’ll bring back

the lost smile again

but then i saw someone

came near to you,coaxing you

with all his possible ways

I smiled back once again

on my fate 

i missed a chance to confess

that it’s still love,

You’re still the one,

You’ll always be the one!

Intezaar(इंतज़ार )

Kaha kaha dhundha tumhe

library mein kitaabo ke peeche se

canteen mein seediyo ke neeche se

cinema hall se rangeen malls mein

disc ki anjaani bheed mein

thirkte kadamo ke beech mein

iski uski har kisi ki partiyo mein

bina invitation ki shaadiyo mein

par tumhe kya 

tum toh ek sawaal ho

lakeero mein gum kahi

kismat ka ankaha raaz ho

intezaar hai tumhara 

miloge tum hamein jald hi kahi

kyunki humein pata hai

ke jise hum dhund rahe

kahi na kahi wo humein bhi dhund raha hai

कहाँ कहाँ ढूंढा तुम्हे 

लाइब्ररी में किताबों के पीछे से 

केन्टीन में सीढियों के नीचे से 

सिनेमा हॉल से रंगीन माल्स में 

डिस्को की अनजानी भीड़ में 

थिरकते कदमों के बीच में 

इसकी उसकी हर किसी की पार्टियों में 

बिना इन्विटेशन की शादियों में 

पर तुम्हे क्या 

तुम तो एक सवाल हो 

लकीरों में गूम कहीँ 

किस्मत का अनकहा राज़ हो 

इन्तेज़ार है तुमहरा 

मीलोगे हमें तुम जल्द ही कहीँ 

क्युँकि हमें पता है 

के जिसे हम ढूँढ रहे है 

कहीँ ना कहीँ वो हमें ढूँढ़ रहा है