Memories from past knockdown
on the doors of deep filled heart
after a long I visited my hometown
it feels like everyone is here to welcome
time never seemed to make its round
the city has changed its attire
however nothing much changed
since I’ve last around,

There is something so eerie about
an old empty playground once used to be alive
I can still feel faint whispers of the kids laughing from years before
Its not shiny & fun anymore,

I took a walk around on the famous streets
adjacent to a renovated building, once my school
I am trying to gather all fond memories
the narrow lanes are wide enough &
the shops are flaunting with modernity
yet the people are warm & hospitable
but I realised change is inevitable,

I left the city my city for self progression
for dreams with higher education
then distant far for disultory aspirations
although, I missed family, friends & fun
In order to get rid of my falsehood
I left everything for my own good,

When I let my thoughts to roam
I found myself far away from home
this only bringback sadness and pain
And then, I left my tears to drain
Now I left everything & back here
with a hope for magical rain.

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I reside away from my own dusk now a days
learnt to live robotic life anyways
until i flipped through the old adorable days
days of childhood,college & days with you…my never be soulmate
photographs made me dwell deep down into sweet memory lane,
Gone were those days,people too changed however
images once caught never be changed
in my failures when i was alone with stress
I see the pic of my first success,
I can still be alive & feel your fragrance in strange air
girl whenever i see you holding my hands in flair
though its a momentarily pleasure
memories wrapped in images
holding life’s best treasure
No matter how deep seated differences came across
It becomes the reason of sorrow & laughs.



The day you left me alone
in panaromic dark night
to fetch ananymous starlights,
I am still searching for my moon
In this hell black sky
till the last breath of my life!



यादों का हिसाब रख रहा हूँ
सीने में अज़ाब रख रहा हूँ

तुम कुछ कहे जाओ क्या कहूँ मैं
बस दिल में जवाब रख रहा हूँ

दामन में किए हैं जमा गिर्दाब
जेबों में हबाब रख रहा हूँ

आएगा वो नख़वती सो मैं भी
कमरे को ख़राब रख रहा हूँ

तुम पर मैं सहीफ़ा-हा-ए-कोहना
इक ताज़ा किताब रख रहा हूँ

I have read this wonderful lines some years back and still are the best i have ever read.

The Closet

Sharing a wonderful essence of present & past emotic memoir ride in form of beautiful poetry by lovely sister Neelam.

Check out her blog for more such beautiful verses on this link Neelam

I opened an old closet

It was present I wished to find, but

I was greeted with the essence of past

The closet has sarees, petticoats, and blouses

It has eight decades of life, now lifeless

It has the smell of the 90s, the colours of 80s

It has tales of cities, folded neatly in piles

It has lingering scent of coconuts

Of fair n lovely and betel nuts

It has silver strands lying

Like a river under the moonlight

It is the memoir of a bride

It is the grief of a widow

It has sorrow of losing one child

And then other in a row

I need the closet for myself

But I don’t have enough room

To house this portrait of life

I close the closet I opened

I leave this task for some other day

Some other time……

Great Stories…

“The biggest qualit of great stories is that

We dont need to remember them,

They remain alive in our memories”

a little…

There is that place a little in me where

I can feel you a little everyday

Your fingerprints still rest and

Your kisses still lingers a little everyday

Your whispers softly echo a little everyday

Your memories rambling around a little everyday

I guess if i could explain

I miss you a little everyday

Its a little place where

A little part of you will forever a part of me

A little too often yet a little much

And a little more with each passing day!

Kya karein..

Kya karien ki baat ban jaaye

khwab haqeeqat ban jaaye

bin kuch kahe tarruf mein tere

zubaan-e-lafz bayaan ho jaaye,

Raat bhar neend ne diya pehra

subah bhi hai nazaro mein tera chehra

apni kismat ko kaise aazmaye

kya karien ki baat ban jaaye,

Intezaar mein aaj fir taka raasta

jahan-e-khushi gam se wabasta

nazar-e-khamoshi ko bahaar mil jaaye

kya karein ki baat ban jaaye,

Dhundhte chirag-e-mehfil deewane

jigar ke maikhaane fakt viraane

paimane-e-aarzu ko tere deedar mil jaaye

kya karein ki baat ban jaaye.


If i was given one moment

To sail through the past

I would hold you tight close to me

Never let you go anywhere distant far

To make that moment stay last,

So much had happened to life

I think about you all the time

 Everyday it hurts to cry

moist eyes with emptiness inside,

Beautiful garden,smiling visuals

stands alone

sun still shines with grief in heart

happiness walked away from me

even a note of love hurts,

if ever i was given with one moment

to sail through the past

i would like to hold that day 

when you left me & walked away!

Baaki hai(Something’s Left)

dhuan udd gaya rakh abhi baaki hai
dhal rahi hai shaam raat abhi baaki hai

dil me mukhtalif khyaal hazaar sahi

ankahee dastaan panno par abhi baaki hai

mehsoos hue janib kareeb yahi kahi

aankho ke paimane mein yaadon ke jaam abhi baaki hai.

धुआँ उड़ गया राख अभी बाकी है 

ढल रही है शाम रात अभी बाकी है 

दिल मे मुखतलिफ ख़याल हज़ार सही 

अनकही दास्तान पन्नों पर अभी बाकी है 

के मेहसूस हुए जानिब क़रीब यही कही 

आँखो के पैमानों मे यादों के जाम अभी बाकी है 

Smokes blew off though ashes are left

evening is fading off though night is left

May be there are thousands of variegated thoughts in heart though

untold story story is still left to be on the pages

I feel the presence of dear somewhere here though

spirit of memories are left in the goblets of eyes.