मुलाकात (Mulakat)

Safar ek tarafa mera
mohtaaz nahi manzilo ka
ke jaana jaha hai
wo jaha acha nahi lagta
haseen raasto par chalna
hamari fitrat mein nahi basta
mulakat intezaar mein hai
aur hum un aankho ko dhundhte
jinme sukoon hai chain hai
hai ek thehrav umrabhar ka
khanabadosh hum bhi hai
musafir zindagi ke wo bhi hai
yakeenan kisi mod par toh mulakat hogi!



I read so much of hindi poetries in last few days that i cannot stop myself to write on from my pen.

Ignition of thoughts really comes from sparkling reads.

After a long..!!

 I see you after a long

 oh! girl you’re changed

 but the feelings of my heart

& soul remained unchanged,

you sat across the crowd of thousands

yet lonely deep down from heart,

your eyes have paled

hairs have lost thier sail

Is that a sign of pain

or a mark of drowning age

no matter whatever is it

nothing looks more pristine 

as i still love this angelic face,

I wished if i’ll bring back

the lost smile again

but then i saw someone

came near to you,coaxing you

with all his possible ways

I smiled back once again

on my fate 

i missed a chance to confess

that it’s still love,

You’re still the one,

You’ll always be the one!