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Kale gore ka bhed nahi
Dil se dil ka ek naata hai
Kuch aur naa aata ho hamko
Hamein pyaar baatna aata hai,
Mat pucho jahaa se
Kya hamaari kahaani hai
Hamari pehchaan bas itni
Ke hum Hindustani hai.



I reside away from my own dusk now a days
learnt to live robotic life anyways
until i flipped through the old adorable days
days of childhood,college & days with you…my never be soulmate
photographs made me dwell deep down into sweet memory lane,
Gone were those days,people too changed however
images once caught never be changed
in my failures when i was alone with stress
I see the pic of my first success,
I can still be alive & feel your fragrance in strange air
girl whenever i see you holding my hands in flair
though its a momentarily pleasure
memories wrapped in images
holding life’s best treasure
No matter how deep seated differences came across
It becomes the reason of sorrow & laughs.


Untold Story!!

Over the accost of blue flooded sky
when the dark night hides
somewhere deep & high
you will see our untold story,
As i wake up with your thought
remembering the little things
everyday you used to do
still feels like you’re sitting next to me
your hands on my hands
with smile that’s so sweet
cheeks lighten up & eyes turned warm
producing within an emotional storm
its not easy to walk alone
so i am listening to your favourite songs
and writing a story that lasts long!



I travelled a lot beyond the limits of sky
Somewhere deep in your beautiful eyes
I found destination of mysterious life,
Experienced the magical colors of rainbows
Melodies of inferior outrageous vibes
silence of breathing death & wonder of smiles,
I forgot my deep sorrows & cankered wounds
under the interlaced quivers of eyelids
waking me up for mornings of joys,
You are prettiest flower of magical garden
Queen of evergreen day & moonlit nights
I cannot see a dip of darkness in your eyes,
I want to end up everything
In that very special place you never know
my eyes will show you that i always wanted you to show.



रूबरू ज़िंदगी कई बार हुई तो थी
फासलों के दरमियान कही फँसी हुई सी
चेहरे पर खामोश दुपट्टा ओढ़कर
वो दुर चलकर थोड़ा रुकी सी थी,
इन्तेज़ार आज भी उन्हे हमारे
और हमें उनके इशारे का रहा
बेचारा दिल घने बादलों में भी
धूप सेकता खुला अंब्रेला होकर रह गया !

I had faced life many a times before
Stucked somewhere in between the distances
Wrapping around scarf of silence over the face
She stopped by after moving some steps ahead,
Still waiting for the indications from each other
This innocent heart morever looks like an open umbrella
basking in sunshine among skyfull of dense clouds.

Ru ba ru zindagi kayi baar hui toh thi
faaslo ke darmiyan kahi fasi hui si
chehre par khamosh duppata odhkar
Woh dur chalkar thoda ruki si thi,
Intezar aaj bhi unhe hamare
aur hamien unke ishaare ka raha
bechara dil ghane baadlo mein bhi
dhoop sekta khula umbrella hokar reh gaya!


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to be or not to be

with you or without you

on the brim of placid moonlight

on the glitter of golden sunshine

i feel blues in heavenly sky

every nook & corner becomes a beautiful sight

you are always besides me

when i think of love

or in every word i write.



You stepped again in my life
like a pleasant rain showers of
summers with clear blue sky,
I still remember you left me alone
the times when i needed you most
nevertheless my love is still pure
I can withstand next to you
in every odd times
Be it the struggling days or
the venom nights,
I will hold you & never leave aside
walk through blindly either it is hell or heaven besides
I will be there on your one call
on any uncertain turn of life,
Wierd things becomes my favorite
Just for your lost smile
but i cannot fall in love twice
You fooled me once
I became heartless nothing’s left inside
I learnt from the mistakes
It’s better to be wise.


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Dream..an alluring lie!

Pondering upon the dream of last night
I tried hard to catch a beautiful spy
there’s none of her kind
I lost in abstracts of her magical sigh,
Innocent heart wandered all around
deep down the immense tireless oceans
& over the mysterious hollow panaromic sky,
Finally..on the lonesome shore
in the middle of dark & bright
She hold her steps for a moment
came closer & kissed me twice,
I forced a lot to keep close my eyes
Soon i realized it is a dream
beyond the delights of reality,
a alluring lie.

Love Notes

Eyes are the gateway of introducing the most amazing feelings connected with heart & sometimes eyes says it all provided one can read it perfectly.

Love Notes!💕

Love at first sight is possible
but it always pays
to take a second look!!