🌛🌌Tonight 💕🌜

Love is all speaking tonight
it is in the air everywhere
blushing with shy smile
you & me within a wild try,
love is all in our eyes
together we feel
together we kill
difference between lust & sin,
kiss me all over
let the breathe gets wild show me the darkest side of all the sweet pain topped with naked truth & lie.


Pic Courtesy: google

An Introduction..💋


Sometimes this wild world needs a wild introduction of love.

sketch your lips with my name, leave the imprints on my bare chest so that our love needs no introduction to this intriguing world!

KISS the elixir

Let me kiss heavenly elixir

mingled with stubborn gaze

swirl all around for better taste

under the roof of blue umbrella

its just you & me getting insane

in periphery of heavy storm & rain

we bieng one gulp all love and pain

however the idea of bieng alcoholic

remains worthless stayed invain.