Memories from past knockdown
on the doors of deep filled heart
after a long I visited my hometown
it feels like everyone is here to welcome
time never seemed to make its round
the city has changed its attire
however nothing much changed
since I’ve last around,

There is something so eerie about
an old empty playground once used to be alive
I can still feel faint whispers of the kids laughing from years before
Its not shiny & fun anymore,

I took a walk around on the famous streets
adjacent to a renovated building, once my school
I am trying to gather all fond memories
the narrow lanes are wide enough &
the shops are flaunting with modernity
yet the people are warm & hospitable
but I realised change is inevitable,

I left the city my city for self progression
for dreams with higher education
then distant far for disultory aspirations
although, I missed family, friends & fun
In order to get rid of my falsehood
I left everything for my own good,

When I let my thoughts to roam
I found myself far away from home
this only bringback sadness and pain
And then, I left my tears to drain
Now I left everything & back here
with a hope for magical rain.

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Ghar (घर )

बहुत काटा हाहाकार माँ बाप की छाँव तले दिन रात बचपन के दोस्तो का प्यार नही किसी हिसाब किताब का मोहताज कुछ कौड़ियों के लिये छुटा शहर खज़ाना यहाँ बीते दो पल सहर सब कुछ फिर भी कुछ नही मेरे पास बात कुछ तो है घर की गलियों में यार !