Save the Date – I (Short Story)

It’s November& isn’t a sweet November yet, with no travel assignments, no girl around & aah.. weddings to attend in queue. Marriage, the word itself is all to scream anyone who is a free soul, loves his/her space, wanted to explore the world as the idea of getting married is the end to all liberties of life. The practice of caging an eligible bachelor itself starts from these weddings and if someone falls in age group of 25-30 should be cautious enough of attending any wedding as in Indian weddings you cannot expect any personal space because the oldies will show no mercy on your “Happily Unmarried” status & will fire back to back rounds of bullets like most personal questions on you with no escape route. They will scrutinise & qualify you for some third person without caring your concern.

Take 1..Delhi💬
“Your lipstick stains…”all of sudden I am back from wedding trauma as this sweet track gazed me towards my phone that is ringing ..Its Tarun
“Shubh, please be ready by 7 pm..I’ll pick you up and for god sake be ready means ready to fly..i am hoping for some mercy before my wedding” he said in so fast & furious way that I won’t be able to say hello to him.
“Mercy on wedding..Are you serious??”I replied & we laughed.
I show some mercy on him getting punctual for the first time in life and here we left Delhi for Tarun’s wedding. He is my best friend & will soon be getting trap in wedding affair and interestingly the arrangements of funeral to his freedom is arranged at Jaipur for a week long spree of functions and I am accompanying him in this traumatic cause for moral support. After a drive of 4 hrs we reached Jaipur.

Take 2..Jaipur💬
“Hi!! Brido..oh! Shruti, You’re getting more & more beautiful everyday…what’s the secret of this glow Ms.Fair & Lovely”…I said in a witty manner loaded with laughter blast & in less than a second found myself embraced between so many red-hot cruel eyes starring & asking for my exit plan.
“It is just like your bunk comments those are getting more annoying & irritating with everyday” she replied to save my exit & then slowly whispered in my ears “Don’t worry I’ll find one for you, glowing more than Fair n Lovely..”
It’s a lovely evening in Jaipur & I am expecting a buzzing night as its bachelors party of Tarun.
“Why Jaipur..I mean Tarun can manage to explore a Palace hotel of your choice in Delhi” I questioned Shruti
“Fool its not about fort or’s about heritage & its not about finding palaces, its about finding souls. Wedding happens once in lifetime so make it most memorable experience ” She replied philosophically.
“Lol!…Once in life..”I laughed sarcastically and she added “Actually its our dream”
“Tarun never told me about his wild dream of making memories..” I replied
“Our means me & my best friend Surbhi…she arranged everything and I’ll arrange her dream”Again philosophical Shruti
“Shubh..” Tarun shouting behind me
“What man…why are you shouting”..
“Oh! My god I thought you are still sleeping” he laughed and we followed to the venue of Bachelor’s Party that already spoiled the heart and soul of our friends sailed from Delhi because it looks like a Ladies sangeet(music) with allowance of men.
“What is this…you got engaged”Tarun inquired as I am wearing a ring on that special finger indicating red signals for old aunties to avoid their unwanted questions about my wedding status.
“yeah!! I am and I am not a monk like you..falling in love then travelled odd 250 kms. away to attend his own wedding”I replied with agitation and sense of no mercy.
“You ass-hole..enjoy its my Bachelor’s party”he said stressing on Bachelor word
“Tarun…I don’t mind enjoying but please don’t call this Mahila Sangeet(Ladies Music) a bachelors party…for God sake look at the pale faces of your friends from Delhi”I said in serious tone.
“Give me ten minutes Bro!”Tarun smiled like he will wind up everything
like we Indians manage everything on jugaad(alternate solutions),some punjabi songs followed with drinks are enough for fetching the treat hunger of friends.
While people are busy in enjoying vibes of punjabi music I kept my corner meanwhile Shruti waved me & calling my name loudly..
“Shubh..She is Surbhi undergoing similar project as yours so I thought you’re the right person for her to help on it..”Shruti introduced us & left…like somebody is introducing me first time to her.

There is always a first time, for everything provided it comes in life for once..

Read further in next part that will disclose the first time moment between Shubh & Shruti..till then Save the date!