to be or not to be

with you or without you

on the brim of placid moonlight

on the glitter of golden sunshine

i feel blues in heavenly sky

every nook & corner becomes a beautiful sight

you are always besides me

when i think of love

or in every word i write.



Kaanch ke sheeshe tale jannat utarti
Surkh gazal si rooh mein chalkati
Nazar tike to mehbooba si dikhti
Suroor muhabbat se zyaada
Jigar ke raaz bayaan karti
Khushiyo or gam ki bheed me
Ek pyaale mein band ujaalo mein
Maykhano men shaam dhalte kahaniya milti.


Lost in dream of bliss
a full moon night, you & me
playing hide & seek
with twinkling stars,tinkling
beats between heart & eyes,
Beautiful mesmerizing eyes
holds all beauty of tempting night
eludes mischiefs of my mind
The delicate touch of lips
entwined with sweet smile
like taste of honey for lifetime,
Swiftly advancing soft whispers
of your voice near to my ear
singing the melody of love
that i was longing to hear,
Embraced in arms of dreams
i felt a kiss of warmth
snatching all my fear
i found you next to me,holding my hands
a bliss close & near.


Tumhare Bina..


I read so much of hindi poetries in last few days that i cannot stop myself to write on from my pen.

Ignition of thoughts really comes from sparkling reads.

Ek Baat…

Right person or Wrong time?

It is said that right things happen at right time and when things won’t work in our favour we used to look for excuses or curse on wrong time but never accept the thing that won’t happens to us was wrong…

“I fell in love once
i fell in love twice
thank you beauties
you taught me lesson
now i have the tricks
to make another try
Lets repeat the mistake again
let me fall in thrice”


Adhkule hotho mein
dabe zasbaato ke darmayan
ke koi baat dafn hai,
charaag tale andhero ke
madhosh surmayi nazro mein
ek khwab dafn hai,
lafz do inhe
ke hawao ka rukh badle
kuch hum behke
kuch ishq mehke.

अध्खुले होठों मे
दबे जस्बातो के दरम्यान
के कोई बात दफ्न है,
चिराग तले अँधेरों के
मदहोश सुर्मयी नज़रों मे
एक ख्वाब दफ्न है,
लफ्ज दो इन्हे
के हवाओं का रुख बदले
कुछ हम बेहके
कुछ इश्क मेहके..

Zindagi Haseen Hai..!

Let’s Write…

Do not hold

the wandering emotions

let them untie,

Do not mould

the unsaid feelings

let them undie,

Do not let

unknown pain cry

instead make them

free to smile,

Do not unfold

an unfinished story

lets make another try,

Let love win over

all rage,

Let the beaten paths aside

hold the hands again,

For you, let’s write!