Eye for Eye

Forget all the cruelities of this world
All the truth & lie
resides in my eyes however
it needs an eye to find
what’s in eye.



I travelled a lot beyond the limits of sky
Somewhere deep in your beautiful eyes
I found destination of mysterious life,
Experienced the magical colors of rainbows
Melodies of inferior outrageous vibes
silence of breathing death & wonder of smiles,
I forgot my deep sorrows & cankered wounds
under the interlaced quivers of eyelids
waking me up for mornings of joys,
You are prettiest flower of magical garden
Queen of evergreen day & moonlit nights
I cannot see a dip of darkness in your eyes,
I want to end up everything
In that very special place you never know
my eyes will show you that i always wanted you to show.


Love Notes

Eyes are the gateway of introducing the most amazing feelings connected with heart & sometimes eyes says it all provided one can read it perfectly.