Dream..an alluring lie!

Pondering upon the dream of last night
I tried hard to catch a beautiful spy
there’s none of her kind
I lost in abstracts of her magical sigh,
Innocent heart wandered all around
deep down the immense tireless oceans
& over the mysterious hollow panaromic sky,
Finally..on the lonesome shore
in the middle of dark & bright
She hold her steps for a moment
came closer & kissed me twice,
I forced a lot to keep close my eyes
Soon i realized it is a dream
beyond the delights of reality,
a alluring lie.

A Dream!

Last night, I slept over a dream
everything was amazing between you & me
its fantastic, beautiful & serene
fragrance coming down from the valley of flowers
Pristine roads covered with snow
cupids pitching romantics on soft notes
sensation of heartbeats falling high, sometimes low..
Soon i realised it was a mere fantasy
but i kept my eyes closed
to explore a relationship beyond realities of sweet impossibilities a little more.


ख्वाब 💭

ये जो ख्वाब मेरे है
हथेलियों की लकीरों से तेढे मेढे है
आँखो में उम्मीद जगाते है
जिंदगी हसीन बनाते है
जख्मों पर मरहम लगाते है
अंधेरों में उजाले बरसाते है
हौसलों को मंजिल दिखाते है
अरमानों को पंख लगाते है
ये ख्वाब ही है
जो हकीक़त से रूबरू कराते है
बेरँग दुनियाँ को रंगीन बनाते है
ख्वाबों पर निगाहें डाले है
टेढ़ी लकीरों को देने मायने है
के ख्वाब है तो जिंदगी है
ख्वाब बिन जिंदगी अधूरी है

Thagg ठग्ग ( Defrauds)

The austere restless heart came out of sound sleep,
Now it believed that dreams defrauds too.

गहरी नींद में दिल बेचैन बेचारा जग गया ,
अब यकीन हुआ के जनाब ख्वाब भी ठगते है!

Gehri neend mein dil bechain
bechara jag gaya,
Ab yakeen hua ke janaab khwaab bhi thagte hai.

Zindagi Haseen Hai..!

Thinking of you..

Late at night when the world is sleeping

I am thinking of you

it is all dark here around me

come and usher sweet morning,

Hope gloats, hope floats.

either your way or just away

the moon seems to be the only one that holds isanity

arousing me with it’s inner peace and spirituality,

Let me infuse a dream into the sleepless night

in which you’re close to me & wild

our souls merging pulses beating high with passionate evolution

I am the cicerone who yearns to guide solely

leaving footprints, upon my ultimate destination,

Late at night when the world is sleeping

I am thinking of you!!