to be or not to be

with you or without you

on the brim of placid moonlight

on the glitter of golden sunshine

i feel blues in heavenly sky

every nook & corner becomes a beautiful sight

you are always besides me

when i think of love

or in every word i write.


Dream..an alluring lie!

Pondering upon the dream of last night
I tried hard to catch a beautiful spy
there’s none of her kind
I lost in abstracts of her magical sigh,
Innocent heart wandered all around
deep down the immense tireless oceans
& over the mysterious hollow panaromic sky,
Finally..on the lonesome shore
in the middle of dark & bright
She hold her steps for a moment
came closer & kissed me twice,
I forced a lot to keep close my eyes
Soon i realized it is a dream
beyond the delights of reality,
a alluring lie.

Love Notes!đź’•

Love at first sight is possible
but it always pays
to take a second look!!


Kaanch ke sheeshe tale jannat utarti
Surkh gazal si rooh mein chalkati
Nazar tike to mehbooba si dikhti
Suroor muhabbat se zyaada
Jigar ke raaz bayaan karti
Khushiyo or gam ki bheed me
Ek pyaale mein band ujaalo mein
Maykhano men shaam dhalte kahaniya milti.

Good Bye!!

Lets sign off with a smile
Take long breath & forget
all the pain for a while,
Live the life like it will end tonight
So hold my hands for the last time,
Legate the souls before the time flies
Let’s give up on worthless cries,
Spruce up this moment with happiness & absolute joy
A picture perfect that will glow
forever somewhere deep beyond the periphery of the world
enclosed in our hearts & eyes,
Let’s celebrate the seperation before the souls will die
Let’s embrace the love till eternity before saying good bye!!



Yeh neeli neeli makhmal ki chaadar
Behata sagar, waqt aur pal puraane
Samete hue hazaaro raaz khazane
Yaha main hu, tum ho aur hai haseen samaa
Apne mein khoye dono dhundhte laakh bahaane
Dooriyo ko bhulaane ke, nazdeek aane ke!

A Dream!

Last night, I slept over a dream
everything was amazing between you & me
its fantastic, beautiful & serene
fragrance coming down from the valley of flowers
Pristine roads covered with snow
cupids pitching romantics on soft notes
sensation of heartbeats falling high, sometimes low..
Soon i realised it was a mere fantasy
but i kept my eyes closed
to explore a relationship beyond realities of sweet impossibilities a little more.