Baaki hai(Something’s Left)

dhuan udd gaya rakh abhi baaki hai
dhal rahi hai shaam raat abhi baaki hai

dil me mukhtalif khyaal hazaar sahi

ankahee dastaan panno par abhi baaki hai

mehsoos hue janib kareeb yahi kahi

aankho ke paimane mein yaadon ke jaam abhi baaki hai.

धुआँ उड़ गया राख अभी बाकी है 

ढल रही है शाम रात अभी बाकी है 

दिल मे मुखतलिफ ख़याल हज़ार सही 

अनकही दास्तान पन्नों पर अभी बाकी है 

के मेहसूस हुए जानिब क़रीब यही कही 

आँखो के पैमानों मे यादों के जाम अभी बाकी है 

Smokes blew off though ashes are left

evening is fading off though night is left

May be there are thousands of variegated thoughts in heart though

untold story story is still left to be on the pages

I feel the presence of dear somewhere here though

spirit of memories are left in the goblets of eyes.


Your love is masterpiece
of fallacy..

i believe in certainties


save me in your memories

as i won’t lasts & return either,

but memories do!!

He & She Story!

She is an unaccomplished reverie of his eyes

Priceless treasure & pleasure of life

He can run away distant miles from world

Cannot hide himself from her lonely sigh,

He is her only beautiful dream

Kept safe in her closed eyes

Breath lasts with pause in pulse

Souls live lasts and love remsins undie.

Candle Light..

Packed with glitters 
and amazing stickers

candles feel thier existence

like a purposeless feature

among the flaunting lights

of modern vibes,

soon they saw a child

keen to become something

out on roadside feral domicile

devoted in studies 

under mild candle light,

after some distance ahead

they saw crowd march of protest

against venom,malign & dark

things of society to highlight

holding candles as a hope of light,

up against all fears & threats

candles gathered thier existence once again

they realized its better to light the lives rather 

to light the purposeless flaunts of disdain.

The Daily Post – prompt Candle

Bid Adieu!!✋

Okay! I am leaving from your story
letting all blessings,bliss

& sweetness of life to your way

hoping you will remember me 

somewhere in between euphoria of mild memories & glee foray ,

I gulped the malign darkness

of damp kohl from your eyes

so its easy for you to differentiate

between black and white

less than truths more than lies,

although there would many one’s

shining bright like fascinating morning in grandeur of your sky

keep remember the one that twinkles for you in dense black nights

everyone follows the beauty of happiness in dazzling lights whereas

the star suffered long in darkest hours to keep your aura of shine,

embrace the artistry of alluring smile

even if i’ll discussed as a curse of your life

a curse enveloped with sanctity of mirth is pleasure & delight

sometimes its better to be evil than a white knight

bid adieu with lots of love & lights!

Rajasthan Safari -III (Enroute Ajmer- Pushkar Hues)


If you are on a Jaipur visit then you can add two more worth visit places to your itinerary Ajmer & Pushkar,situated at proximal distance of 120 kms. from Jaipur.In recent years footfall of domestic and foreign visitors increased in this places due to divine pilgrimage importance and surreal enviroment that would left you awestruck.

Ajmer-Pushkar on History

Situated in the green oasis wrapped in barren rugged hills Ajmer has been witness to an interesting past.The historic city was founded by Raja Ajai Pal Chauhan in the 7th century A.D. and continued to be a major power centre of Chauhan dynasty..When Prithviraj Chauhan lost to Mohammad Ghauri leaving behind indelible marks of their cultures & traditions on the history of city,converting it to an amalgam of various cultures and a blend of Hinduism & Islam.

Ajmer is among one of the popular pilgrimage centre with the presence of the famous  dargah of Sufi saint Khwaja Moin-ud-Din Chishti and people of all faith & religion visits here to take blessings from around the globe.

Pushkar is among one of the oldest cities of India lies on the shore of pristine blue Pushkar Lake at a distance of approx 40 kms. from Ajmer. The date of its actual origin is not known but legend associates Lord Brahma with its creation.It is said that Lord Brahma performed penance here for 60,000 years to have a glimpse of Lord Vishnu.It is often known as “Tirth Raj”(King of all pilgrimage sites) and the only Brahma Temple of world is based here.

Places to Visit

Dargah Sharif


The Dargah Sharif is the final resting place of Great Sufi saint Moin-ud-Din Chishti and the primier landmark of the Ajmer city.People of all faiths & religion visit here to offer prayers and ask for his blessings,it is believed that no one returns empty handed from His divine abode.The way to entrance leads you through narrow lane of colorful shops selling variety of chaddars,flowers,incence sticks and mouthwatering delicacies.The entrance gate is huge and one can feel the spiritual aura of the place as soon as you are on entrance gate,the mesmerising fragrance of perfumed incence sticks,fresh flowers & sandalwood will welcome you to holy place.The cameras are not allowed inside the dargah and you will have to cover your head before entering the dargah.The compond where sufi saint is buried is furnish with splendid gold work on walls and people offer prayers & put chaddar on the tomb and the priest tap on head with feather fan as a form of blessing.The ambience is heartwarming outside in the compond with qawwals reciting paeans to the Saint.There are two enormous cauldrons kept in which pilgrims donate food products & money that later on distributed among poor.Pilgrims also tie sacred threads here when they wished something from Saint and untie it when it fulfills.

Altogether this divine place kept the people of all religion and faith in one knot and spread the message of unity and equality with one belief that God is one.

Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra


There were stories behind the name of this Indo-Islamic masterpiece structure.Some says the the structure was constructed in two and a half days whereas some says aayats from Kuraan incribed on the walls in two and a half day whereas it was origanilly a temple destroyed by Mohammad Ghauri and converted into mosque.The structure has beautiful architure & carvings  on the domes & pillars reflecting the influence of both indian and islamic styles.The main entrace has sanskrit incriptions whereas the mosque has design & architecture more like of temple.The old carved pillars,vaulted screens and a ruined temple converted into mosque makes it a must visit place in city.

 Soniji Ki Nasiyan


This is a jain temple at th centre of which is not visited by many as the temple compound is restricted to visits of Jain’s however what makes its addition to the itinerary is its amazing mueseum and the mesmerising architectural work.The ground floor has temple whereas the other two floors are occupied with the attractive ‘Swarna Nagri’City of Gold where the miniatures of gold plated Palaces,armies,chariots,animals etc are kept on for display for all.

 AnaSagar Lake


The scenic man-made lake Ana Sagar lake was constructed by Maharaja Arnoraja (1135-1150 AD), the grandfather of Maharaja Prithviraj Chauhan.The Lake is delimited by five marble baradaris(pavillions) with picturesque Daulat Bagh Gardens and Khobra Behroon temple.


Urs Festival

Urs Fair is celebrated every year in the holy city of Ajmer, Rajasthan.It is organized in honoring the death anniversary of the great Sufi saint, Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti at his Dargah.It is celebrated with great cheerfulness and dedication by mostly the Muslim pilgrims at Dargah Sharif.The six days long auspicious fair is celebrated with full passion by the followers of saint, which comes to an end on sixth Rajab, ‘Chati Sharif’. The whole city of Ajmer is beautifully decorated to celebrate this fair. During these six religious days, pilgrims gather and offer prayers on the Dargah for prosperity and peace in their lives.

Pushkar Lake


 It is one of India’s holiest and oldest cities with the only temple of Lord Brahma in the country.The Pushkar Lake is the holiest lake in India  and the main attraction of Pushkar with 52 enchanted Ghats based here.Pilgrims visit here to take bathe in the holy water of lake and perform prayers & ritual activities to  cleanse thier sins.There are more than 400 small and big temples situated near the periphery of this lake.

Bramha Temple


This is the most popular attraction of the Pushkar city as it is the only temple of Lord Brahma in the country associated with many with many legends & believes,the temple is located near to the Pushkar lake and also known as “Tirth Raj”(King of all pilgrimage sites).The temple is mainly built of marble and stone stab.It is visited by pilgrims, holy men and sages after taking a dip in the holy lake.On Kartik Poornima, a festival dedicated to Brahma is held when large number of pilgrims visit the temple, after bathing in the Pushkar lake.The temple holds images of Brahman, Gayatri, Brahma’s symbol of the goose.It is said that Lord Brahma performed penance here for 60,000 years to have a glimpse of Lord Vishnu.

Tourists can also visit to some more prominent temples in the city namely Savitri temple,Vishnu Temple,Shiva Temple,Rangji Temple are popular among some big & small temples.

Pushkar Fair


Pushkar fair is an experience of a lifetime that hovers on the mind of the travelers and leaves them craving for even more.Cattle fair is the highlight of the festival catching eyeballs of the travellers around the globe & portraying the marvelous cocktail of wonderful art,culture,tradition & celebration of colourful Rajasthan.It is one of the world’s largest camel fairs, and apart from buying and selling of livestock.It is a five days event celebrated on the eve of Kartik Shukal Ekadasi and falls in the month of October – November.It includes activities and various competitions with musical events,camel safaris,stays in camps and exhibitions.One another important factor that lures travelers into this charismatic fair is the camel competition.This is the test of how the camel is able to bring the items. In order to demonstrate, the men go up on the group of camels one after another.The camel which succeeds in accommodating the maximum number of people on its back, wins the competition.

Shopping & Food

The main road of Pushkar is the main market, littered with souvenir shops galore.Shop for embroidered fabrics such as wall hangings and shoulder bags, Rajasthani puppets and traditional music. You can buy these items from the Sarafa Bazaar, Bada Bazaar or Kedalganj Bazaar.

There is a huge footfall of foreign tourists seen in recent times that influenced a lot to restaurants present here.Authentic food of every cuisine is available with the ambience and language one speaks but lacks the original taste of Rajasthan.

Best time to visit

Ajmer & Pushkar has an extreme climate with summers have very hot days thogh nights can be cold so winters are the best time to visit(Sep-March) whereas Pushkar Fair falls in month of Oct-Nov that is treat for tourists.


Ajmer & Pushkar are very well connected from jaipur by road.Ajmer is 130 kms away from Jaipur and 30-40 mins drive from Ajmer will take to reach Pushkar.

Nearest railway station is Ajmer which is well connected to all major cities.There are trains like Shatabdi Expresswhich connects Ajmer with Delhi.

Jaipur is the nearest airport connected to Ajmer.

Thanks for reading!!


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hold my hands..

I will always be there near to you

In waft of melodious spring waves

That relishes and rejuvenates to few

If you recognise me

Touch my heart & feel the blow

Hold my hands and don’t let me go!


कहने को हमदम हरकदम तुम्हारा ज़माना 
दर्द का हमदर्द दुर तक नही 

अकेले आये,अकेले ही जाना 

जिंदगी तेरे महमान तो बहुत कोई दोस्त नही!


To say its the world with you at every step
but nobody appears caring distant far in pain

you came alone,will leave alone

life has many guests nevertheless a friend! 


Kehne ko humdum harkadam hai zamaana
dard ka koi hamdard door tak nahi 

akele aaye hai,akele hi jaana

zindagi tere mehmaan toh bahut, koi dost nahi !

Versatile Blogger Award


Bieng versatile means exciting to me as i always try to pen different things to keep my excitement towards writing as I begin my journey both in blogging & writing with picturing my experiences of travelling into words and after sometime found myself to be confined in a shell of  boredom with regular article writings that became the reason of  story telling and crafting poetries,an escape route to boredom with opportunity to restart the blogging again so somehow it becomes a special recognition to me.

I am thankful to sweetest young writer Sweta Ojha for considering me for this recognition.Check out her blog for beautiful reads on different genres and her fiction novel “The Last Journal”.

The Rules

  1. Show the award on your blog
  2. Thank the person/people who nominated you
  3. Share 7 things about yourself.
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Seven things about myself

Though i already mentioned myself in Liebster Award,the most common seven are here:

  1. As i mentioned here i cannot stick with one regular thing i keep trying new things and presently i am dedicated towards my book writing.
  2. Travelling different places is my second full time job.
  3. I am a Hotelier by profession so my tummy is always ready for yummy food,i like cooking different cuisines.
  4. I am little lazy on parameters of punctuality,i unconsciously tend to keep time forward in my wrist watches & mobile phones…you will never get right time if asking me :p
  5. I need music for concentrating in almost everything.
  6. I think there exist only two words to compete with anything either Yes or its No,rest are for looser.
  7. If you will sit with me two minutes,i will deliver my best of mimic performance on third minute to you.My bosses hate & love me for this 😉

WordPress is a platform of versatile writers and every blog has its own versatility but these are some wonderful blogs i enjoyed while reading:

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Happy blogging & keep Smiling!! 🙂