Lost in dream of bliss
a full moon night, you & me
playing hide & seek
with twinkling stars,tinkling
beats between heart & eyes,
Beautiful mesmerizing eyes
holds all beauty of tempting night
eludes mischiefs of my mind
The delicate touch of lips
entwined with sweet smile
like taste of honey for lifetime,
Swiftly advancing soft whispers
of your voice near to my ear
singing the melody of love
that i was longing to hear,
Embraced in arms of dreams
i felt a kiss of warmth
snatching all my fear
i found you next to me,holding my hands
a bliss close & near.


Tumhare Bina..


I read so much of hindi poetries in last few days that i cannot stop myself to write on from my pen.

Ignition of thoughts really comes from sparkling reads.

Ek Baat…

Long time…

kaafi waqt guzra

tere chehre ke deedar paaye

Jigar mein lakh ankahe afsaane

khamoshiyo ke darmayan hamne they chipaye

nazaro mein intezaar ek mulakat ka

jo milo kabhi toh tumhe batlaye..

काफ़ी वक्त गुज़रा 

तेरे चेहरे के दीदार पाये 

जिगर में लाख अनकहे अफ़साने 

खामोशियों  के दरम्यान हमने थे  छुपाएँ 

नज़रों को इन्तेज़ार बस्स एक मुलाकात का 

जो कभी मिलों तो तुम्हे बतलाये..

Its been a long time

since i had glimse of your face

There are lot of unsaid tales 

remains in heart

that i used to hide behind 

my silence

Eyes will be waiting 

to meet you for once only

to tell you everything 

once you will meet..

Love Notes

Lets go through to love lane

Once again..

Let her make feel jealous

Let me feel jealous too.

After a long..!!

 I see you after a long

 oh! girl you’re changed

 but the feelings of my heart

& soul remained unchanged,

you sat across the crowd of thousands

yet lonely deep down from heart,

your eyes have paled

hairs have lost thier sail

Is that a sign of pain

or a mark of drowning age

no matter whatever is it

nothing looks more pristine 

as i still love this angelic face,

I wished if i’ll bring back

the lost smile again

but then i saw someone

came near to you,coaxing you

with all his possible ways

I smiled back once again

on my fate 

i missed a chance to confess

that it’s still love,

You’re still the one,

You’ll always be the one!

Love Notes

One stop for the journey
of life belongs to you 

ends with last beat of heart…

Don’t ask for the destinations,

everywhere its unconditional love!

Intezaar(इंतज़ार )

Kaha kaha dhundha tumhe

library mein kitaabo ke peeche se

canteen mein seediyo ke neeche se

cinema hall se rangeen malls mein

disc ki anjaani bheed mein

thirkte kadamo ke beech mein

iski uski har kisi ki partiyo mein

bina invitation ki shaadiyo mein

par tumhe kya 

tum toh ek sawaal ho

lakeero mein gum kahi

kismat ka ankaha raaz ho

intezaar hai tumhara 

miloge tum hamein jald hi kahi

kyunki humein pata hai

ke jise hum dhund rahe

kahi na kahi wo humein bhi dhund raha hai

कहाँ कहाँ ढूंढा तुम्हे 

लाइब्ररी में किताबों के पीछे से 

केन्टीन में सीढियों के नीचे से 

सिनेमा हॉल से रंगीन माल्स में 

डिस्को की अनजानी भीड़ में 

थिरकते कदमों के बीच में 

इसकी उसकी हर किसी की पार्टियों में 

बिना इन्विटेशन की शादियों में 

पर तुम्हे क्या 

तुम तो एक सवाल हो 

लकीरों में गूम कहीँ 

किस्मत का अनकहा राज़ हो 

इन्तेज़ार है तुमहरा 

मीलोगे हमें तुम जल्द ही कहीँ 

क्युँकि हमें पता है 

के जिसे हम ढूँढ रहे है 

कहीँ ना कहीँ वो हमें ढूँढ़ रहा है 

Happy Mother’s Day!!

This is for all you sweet Mothers present out here…you all are awesome and words fall short to depict motherly love.

Stay blessed,stay happy!!

For the first love of every child…

Happy Mother’s Day💞😇