Safar ektarfa mera
mohtaaj nahi manzilon ka
ke jaana jaha hai
jahaan wo acha nahi lagta
haseen raaston par chalna
hamari fitrat mein nahi basta
mulakaat intezaar mein hai
aur hum unn aankhon ko dhundhte hai
jinme sukoon hai, chain hain
aur ek thehraav hai umar bhar ka
khaanabadosh hum bhi hai
musafir zindagi ke wo bhi hai
yakeenan kisi modh par mulakat hogi.

Take care & Stay safe

Untold Story!!

Over the accost of blue flooded sky
when the dark night hides
somewhere deep & high
you will see our untold story,
As i wake up with your thought
remembering the little things
everyday you used to do
still feels like you’re sitting next to me
your hands on my hands
with smile that’s so sweet
cheeks lighten up & eyes turned warm
producing within an emotional storm
its not easy to walk alone
so i am listening to your favourite songs
and writing a story that lasts long!



Aajkal likha kuch jaata nahi
ke haal e dil ko sukoon aata nahi
shamiyaane yaadon ke roshan bahut
noor e shabnam ko nazar aata nahi
do lafz likh de sajde mein yu hi
ke tarruf ko kuch kaha jaata nahi



After a long break when writing seems to be mandate….🤔😋

Something i have never thought before
about your persona of timeless beauty
these mysterious spy eyes, engulf with
thousands of treasures inside
the more I try to evacute the secrets
the more I reach out to doors that
silently letting me helpless
on bay of clueless fragile shore..
Something i have never thought before
about the meaning of your unsaid words
the enchanting language of love, strucked
on the soft petals of your lips
the more I try to kiss this experience
the more I reach out to bitterness
of unsolved enigma of life
beneath the reality of truth
deep down emotions found died…
Something i never thought before
about the relations that stays long
souls stitched to one heart
breath, live and exist distant far
the more we try to stay apart
the more closer here we are
in the moments and memories
cherished toghether,
I am safe somewhere
in the silent eyes & sweet smiles forever,
Something i never thought before
relations aren’t about finding everything
few things stays better unresolved.



The day you left me alone
in panaromic dark night
to fetch ananymous starlights,
I am still searching for my moon
In this hell black sky
till the last breath of my life!


Moon Child

You are beautiful soul
of moonchild
wandering all over
in search of light,
I will swallow all the malign
venom of dark night
to make you shine
like a bright star of magical moonlight.


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Love Notes

I Love you because

You are my life &

A life without you is worthless,

Never be my choice.


I could not met her
i was dejected
i cried & sobbed
then i forget as
the sunsets are glorious at times
but full of lonliness.
Loneliness is also beautiful
provided one should know
the art of enjoying it.


Kambhakt saadgi hamaari andhero ki tabeer huiTalkh mizaz hote to mashoor hum bhi hote.

Women..A Call of Progress & Change!

Women are integral part of our lives, playing an important role & acting as an unseen power of belief and confidence to us in face of mothers, sisters & friends with their selfless love, blessings & wishes.

They made us change and it is the time to change the world for them, take a step ahead for thier progress and say no to atrocities, humilition and criticism to make them feel special & breath free without any artificial conditions…make everyday as her day!

Oh! Women you are an art
god’s special craft
with endless ocean of kindness
a true reflection of strength & power
A salute is never enough
for your
priceless sacrifices & selfless heart
Your impression is like a salt
wherein presence may not be remembered
but absence can make things tasteless.

Everyday a Happy Women’s Day!

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