Good Bye!!

Lets sign off with a smile
Take long breath & forget
all the pain for a while,
Live the life like it will end tonight
So hold my hands for the last time,
Legate the souls before the time flies
Let’s give up on worthless cries,
Spruce up this moment with happiness & absolute joy
A picture perfect that will glow
forever somewhere deep beyond the periphery of the world
enclosed in our hearts & eyes,
Let’s celebrate the seperation before the souls will die
Let’s embrace the love till eternity before saying good bye!!


Broken tough!

सुना था टूटकर चीज़े बिखर जाती है जुड़ती कहाँ है बिखरी चीज़े तित्तर बित्तर हो जाती है पर इश्क में टूटा दिल तो काफी सख्त हो गया है।


I’ve heard that things get scatter once broken Scattered things will get disperse instead fusing back again however broken heart in love became too tough.


Pic courtesy: Google