Thagg ठग्ग ( Defrauds)

The austere restless heart came out of sound sleep,
Now it believed that dreams defrauds too.

गहरी नींद में दिल बेचैन बेचारा जग गया ,
अब यकीन हुआ के जनाब ख्वाब भी ठगते है!

Gehri neend mein dil bechain
bechara jag gaya,
Ab yakeen hua ke janaab khwaab bhi thagte hai.


Come here
Stay there
a place full of warmth
love & care,
Make some memories
cherish delectable moments
in a beautiful journey of life
along with me
i am longing for you
to set ablaze
my malign thoughts
& let me free.

Zindagi (Life)

Pyaar hai, vaada hai, majboori hai ya zimmedaari hai,
Tere saath se haseen har halaat
Haseen zindagi hamari hai!


Whether it is love, responsibility,
helplessness or a hangover
Every facet is beautiful with you
Hence life is beautiful toghether.

Magic of Nature

Wandering in search of lost dreams & goals

Magic unfolds when nature met with my soul
I felt charismatic fragrance of joys
hidden in each petal of flowers
rejuvenating senses with colorful showers
Sun keeps the day bright while moon ushered calmness of night
i romanced wildly with beauty of rain
tranquillity of nature molded me in its shape
Life brings back the lost melodies
& i found relief over thousands of pain
Somewhere in the lap of nature
I fall in love with myself again.

Women..A Call of Progress & Change!

Women are integral part of our lives, playing an important role & acting as an unseen power of belief and confidence to us in face of mothers, sisters & friends with their selfless love, blessings & wishes.

They made us change and it is the time to change the world for them, take a step ahead for thier progress and say no to atrocities, humilition and criticism to make them feel special & breath free without any artificial conditions…make everyday as her day!

Oh! Women you are an art
god’s special craft
with endless ocean of kindness
a true reflection of strength & power
A salute is never enough
for your
priceless sacrifices & selfless heart
Your impression is like a salt
wherein presence may not be remembered
but absence can make things tasteless.

Everyday a Happy Women’s Day!

Pic Courtesy: Google


Ishq mohalle ek aur aashiq ke charche Janib mehange pade mohabbat ke kharche Sukoon masoom dil ko do pal ke Baaki jeb bhar hai udhariyo ke parche.

Ranj (Sorrow)

ए हसीन रंज क्या दूँ सज़ा तुझे
हाथ उठाना आता नही
के नज़रों से गिरा दूँ तुझे !

Ghar (घर )

बहुत काटा हाहाकार माँ बाप की छाँव तले दिन रात बचपन के दोस्तो का प्यार नही किसी हिसाब किताब का मोहताज कुछ कौड़ियों के लिये छुटा शहर खज़ाना यहाँ बीते दो पल सहर सब कुछ फिर भी कुछ नही मेरे पास बात कुछ तो है घर की गलियों में यार !

Kinaare (Banks)

Our relation becomes
the two banks of a river
Although you appears next to me
witnessing closeness in distance
helpless sight of eyes !

A Beautiful Mind!

Divedown thousands fathom inside
indecipherable is your beautiful mind
The more i lost in you
the more i dissolve in adorable blues
I gathered all silk from cherry lips
replenished with kiss of love
cuddled all day long
in intoxicated mesmerizing eyes
i took away abstract act of shyness
so there remains no place to hide.