Dhundhli dhoop ke sirmaur
halki halki channti thandi shaam
ek pyaali chai ki garmahat aur
pahaado ke nazaro mein sukoon ke lamhe
shahero ki bhaagdaud mein bahut yaad aate hai!

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Liebster Award!

I start here with a big Thanks to a very talented & profound writer Aradhana for Liebster Award nomination to my blog.She is a wonderful writer and writes amazing on each genre & topic however I love her hindi poetries the most. Click here to visit her beautiful blog.


1)-Thanks the blogger who nominated you.

2)- share 11 facts about yourself.

3)- Answer the 11 question the blogger asked you

4)- Nominate the 11 blogger and make them happy.

5)- make up to 11 questions and ask them to your nominees

6)- Notify your 11 nominees

Facts about myself

  1. I am a person with a positive attitude.
  2. I cannot stick at one place for long so traveling is the other half of my soul especially places close to nature.
  3. I love writing stories and travelogue.
  4. I love long drives. 
  5. I like painting & have won accolades in painting also.
  6. I like blue colour
  7. I don’t like fashionable accessories other than wrist watches,I have a good collection of wrist watches.
  8. I can mingle with anyone in a short time span, so lots of friends on my list.
  9. I used to read books by my favourite authors in free time.
  10. I can cook well (depends on mood)
  11. Good food is my weakness.

Answers to Questions asked by Aradhana

1)- How close to nature do you find yourself?

I am very close to nature, I love spending times in lap of panoramic greenery of hills even I travelled to Uttarakhand for some days after lockdown last week.

2)- Which one thing should must be in your fashion and style?

A wrist watch,

3)- What is the most beautiful time of your life?

On getting published for the first time in Travel & Leisure magazine cover page for an article on Ladakh travel story and the days spent in my hometown colorful Kanpur.

4)- What two things do you always keep with you?

Mask and Sanitizer

5)- Why did you think of blogging?

I started this blog for writing my travel experiences and stories as I wanted to document everything at one place like a diary however ended up with poetries.

6)- What are you most inspired by in your life?

I love creativity, exploring new things in life and both the aspects are the part of my passion and hobby as well as on professional front.

7)- How do you reduce your stress?

Music is the antidote to my stress.

8)- Something you never want to lose in your life?


9)- What are your three favourite books?

The Fault in Our Stars by Joh Green, P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern, The Promise by Nikita Singh

10)- What was a good thing you did in lockdown?

Like most of us I did enjoyed my hands-on cooking.

11)- Who are you most close to in your family?

My sister

My Questions

1.What makes you happiest & why?
2. What is the most memorable compliment you ever received?
3. What does being alive mean to you?
4. Who is your favourite Author?
5.One thing you cannot live without?
6. Who is your Role Model?
7. Which blog you enjoyed most on reading?
8. What is your weakness?
9. What inspires you to write?
10. Your favourite holiday destination & why?.
11. What is your biggest dream of life?

My Nominees:

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P.S. : My blog is a award free blog, your love towards my writing is the best cherished

Self Love (Hindi Poetry)

zindagi ziye zindadili se
masrufiyat me barbaad jaha saara
neeyat ko apna aaina banakar
taareef ka tarruf dekar dekhe zara
khushi ka paimana sukoon se chalkega

Spare out some time for yourself from the busy & very hectic life, two words of self appraisal is enough to win any battle of your life.

Remember before loving anyone else try to love yourself first, the most important thing we missed in our daily life routine.

Be Well & Thanks for reading!😇🙌


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🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Happy Independence Day! 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳


Kale gore ka bhed nahi
Dil se dil ka ek naata hai
Kuch aur naa aata ho hamko
Hamein pyaar baatna aata hai,
Mat pucho jahaa se
Kya hamaari kahaani hai
Hamari pehchaan bas itni
Ke hum Hindustani hai.


Happy Friendship Day!!

I sincerely thank GOD for stitching some beautiful hearted People into the fabric of my life . May God keep all my precious threads always happy and intact.I sincerely thank GOD for stitching some beautiful hearted People into the fabric of my life . May God keep all my precious threads always happy and intact.

Life is an unknown destination
we are in journey
we met with lot of passengers
some keep on thier travel with us
some stays in our memories
some make promise to meet again..
however the we keep on moving
from one place to other
in search of desires with no ends..

Live life, spread happiness..
Let’s make friends.

Wishing you all dear readers a very Happy Friendship Day!


Stay connected, Keep writing & reading !!

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Will meet you someday.. life!!

“Alisha….come here my doll….Did you like him” my father asked me
“Yes…”I nodded with happiness in my eyes & forehead.
That’s first time I ever saw my father in dilemma….a worry…something which I never felt since I opened my eyes in the world of my happy happy family…..although he knew that Varun will keep his daughter more happier than any other guy in this world but he wanted to know my answer & I was happy with my parents call.

“Alisha didi (sister)….i have a surprise for you”Nihaal saying in cheerful voice
“What surprise “I replied curiously
“I will tell you….but for the time being, it’s enough for you that I have a surprise for you & by the way, now you are sister of IITian and its my turn to pay you off”Nihaal with more cheerful voice this time
“Are you coming on rakhi the next week” I asked him
“Sorry, sister…i already planned a trip with friends ” he replied
“Never mind…go…you never know when you guys will meet again”i said
“I knew, my sister will understand me…will come here after my trip….and important note….i need some…”he murmured
“I will…20,000 will do “I replied to his unsaid words
“Love you my dear sister “he replied happily
“Ok…Ok…see…Nisha is calling…see you and enjoy “I ended
“Hey…Alisha didi..Need to talk to urgently….very imp..Will come to your office in lunch “Nisha in excited voice
“Now…whats that…had urgent meeting today “I replied
“I saw pics…Its Nihaal with a girl everywhere……its seemed to be something between them”
“haaaahaaaa…..ok will catch you at my office….got to go”I said and sail down to the memory lane.

It was the last semester of college and I already had some dreams for future as everything was happening in a short time period, engagement with Varun…best campus placement…everything was good.I was dreaming for my sweet future with open shallow eyes. It was my last exam and I was on the way to home with my friends…all of sudden a call changed the course of my life…

“Alisha….done with the exam” my uncle in mourning voice
“Yes…infact …I will board the bus in sometime….why you sounds so bad” I had replied
“Nothing…nothing…, at what time you will supposed to come tomorrow…I will be there for your pick up “he had said
“Where’s daddy, he had said that he would come to pick me…Like always…
What’s the matter, uncle ….everything’s all right there at home “I replied in worried voice?
“Yes…Yes…dear, actually your parents went to attend a wedding and will be back by tommorow evening so i will come and pick you and you can stay with us till they will return, nothing to worry about it, your father called me as there’s some network issue too ”Uncle said
“Ok….” I replied

I tried to call varun many times but he was not picking my call, I was not able to sleep as well…each and every minute was like hours of century at that moment as no one had picked the call..neither anyone else nor Nihaal and Nisha.The next morning my uncle came to pick me and we were on the on our way to home.

As I stepped in..I saw crowd in front of my home, people mouning and my parents were wrapped in musk white sheets, sleeping like innocent children..i tried my best to wake them up
“Yesterday…they met with an accident and…….”uncle with grief in voice
“And….they died “I replied in strong voice
I was shocked but gathered myself and all of sudden I felt the voice of life loading me with the responsibility of an elder sister towards my younger sister & brother.

My father once took some loan from Varun’s father and promised him to return it with due interest..that’s dowry. I heard him showing his concerns to my uncle that now he has no interest in Varun’s marriage with me…in fact I told him that even it was not my cup of tea to kept any sort of relation with his family.
I know Varun loved me so much so he came to me but with a irresistible deal to leave Nihaal & Nisha with my Uncle and Aunty and fly with him to USA…..I refused him and he never came back to me after that day I made myself busy in fulfilling dreams of my parents and family.
Nisha became fashion designer chose her life partner and got happily married and Nihaal got selected in IIT and became engineer and as I thought that my responsibilities are over..Nisha told me about Nihaal’s relationship with some girl.
“Alisha…its enough girl…now think of yourself too…its not easy to spend life alone and at one point of time everyone seeking someone besides them, its not easy to walk upon alone on your own.You already devoted your years in their upbringing….and when it’s their turn to think something for you instead they just thinking for their lives”Sneha my best friend said in stubborn voice
“So what…whom will they speak their concerns…..”I replied
“but what about your life…..see I know you love them but …will they ever think about you and your choices ”Sneha in more rigid voice
“That’s none of your business…I will find someone one day”I replied this time more stubborn manner
“Ok…don’t spoil your mood…all set …what will be the timings of your bus, I will drop you”she smiled
“Take care and please some wishes for me too…Jai Mata ki”she said
I wished to visit Vaishno Devi when everything will be in place and it’s the time.
Everyone in the bus are with their family, friends,siblings and their loved one except me that gave me a sense of emptiness in life that I could share with me only.
I came back and looking for reality that is emptiness and lonliness. Nihaal is coming after a long time so I am little excited for him.
“Anushka…the name of the girl and her parents will come after three days didi…”Nihaal said convincingly
“Allright, I will call uncle and aunty too after all they are our elders and their presence is effective” I replied
And Nihaal broke into happiness

“Oh my god….what’s happening, elder sister is still unmarried and he is thinking of himself… Why the hell these brother and sister didn’t think of you..your sacrifice and your happiness…”Aunty said with all concern towards me during shopping of Nihal’s engagement ceremony.

“I am telling you that you’ll realized it one day..” aunty continued

We met with parents of Anushka and finalized the date of engagement ceremony. Everyone is busy in arrangements although I am happy but there is something in my heart which makes this situation filthy…a thought when we went for shopping and I chose a sari which somehow not the choice of my siblings, just because they thought I was not perfect for it…just because they found me too aged for those colours..Those words showed me the reality of modernization of relations…an image of selfishness. I sacrificed my age and years for my sister & brother and they thought me imperfect for having bright colours,they are making their choices and never asked me for my wishes and hoping to live my lives as per their choices….
It’s the day when I decided to let myself free from every responsibility, time to spread my wings in open blue sky to fly, to live life,I gathered myself and step out from all boundaries of life for Alisha….



Zaayka ( जा़यका)

खाने में नमक कम सही, रिश्तो का जा़यका प्यार से बनाये रखें !

नज़र का ईशारा न समझ सके
हम नासमझ गुस्ताख़
खाने में नमक कम था
पर जा़यका प्यार का लाजवाब!

Nazar ka ishara na samajh sake
hum nasamajh gustakh
khaane mein namak kam tha
par zaayka pyaar ka lajawaab.



I reside away from my own dusk now a days
learnt to live robotic life anyways
until i flipped through the old adorable days
days of childhood,college & days with you…my never be soulmate
photographs made me dwell deep down into sweet memory lane,
Gone were those days,people too changed however
images once caught never be changed
in my failures when i was alone with stress
I see the pic of my first success,
I can still be alive & feel your fragrance in strange air
girl whenever i see you holding my hands in flair
though its a momentarily pleasure
memories wrapped in images
holding life’s best treasure
No matter how deep seated differences came across
It becomes the reason of sorrow & laughs.


Its Ok not be Ok..

At times we all need to be reminded that,
It’s ok not to feel ok
its’s absolutely ok to ask for help.
Let’s be there for each other.

Its ok not be ok sometimes
Its ok to reach out to people you love
Its ok to ask for help
Its ok to talk about fears
Its ok to share your deepest emotions with them.



Safar ektarfa mera
mohtaaj nahi manzilon ka
ke jaana jaha hai
jahaan wo acha nahi lagta
haseen raaston par chalna
hamari fitrat mein nahi basta
mulakaat intezaar mein hai
aur hum unn aankhon ko dhundhte hai
jinme sukoon hai, chain hain
aur ek thehraav hai umar bhar ka
khaanabadosh hum bhi hai
musafir zindagi ke wo bhi hai
yakeenan kisi modh par mulakat hogi.

Take care & Stay safe