Save the Date – II (Short Story)

Recap: Shubh has his own mindset about marriage and accompanying his best friend Tarun on his wedding with Surbhi, he reached Jaipur for destination wedding where he was introduced to Shruti by Surbhi like it happened for first time.

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Take 3 Noidaūüí¨
‚ÄúNo, Mom I am not ready for marriage yet as I am not financially stable & looking to meet with some other tasks in life first..marriage isn‚Äôt one of them‚ÄĚconsoling to my Mom on debate of marriage.
‚ÄúYour father already had words with Mr.Mishra and we are going tomorrow to meet his family & daughter.She is beautiful,well cultured & also settled at Delhi with her job‚ÄĚMy mom ordered with no choice to me as where there is father’s order there is no choice.
Finally I submitted myself in front of my parents and sitting besides a beautiful slim fair girl with all red cheeks & lips and cursing upon my fortune because for a moment I wanted to forget my all dreams and freedom for this angel.We were left alone for sometime in the room with pre-arranged tea-table & the situation reminded me of typical Barjatya’s Bollywood movies.
“I work & put up in Gurgaon‚Ķand you put up in Delhi right..although everything is closely connected there, like Delhi-NCR‚ÄĚ..I broke the silence showing curiosity to know about her.
‚ÄúYes, but it‚Äôs too far from’s in Rohini with one room-mate & its near to my workplace too.There is no hope of coming down to Gurgaon ever for me‚ÄĚ she encountered in one go like we were participants of any debate contest about connectivity of Delhi-NCR.
‚Äúwho told you to shift the place?‚ÄĚ I almost defended
‚ÄúIf things will get settle positively today then‚Ķ‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúThen..what?‚ÄĚ I cut her
‚ÄúThen actually‚Ķ.Please do me a favour,reject me or say no for this proposal‚ÄĚ she paused & almost broke my heart & alive my dead dreams again
‚ÄúYou want to marry with someone else,you can tell me..I‚Äôll help you out‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúNo..I am single & happy just looking forward to my dreams and not ready for taking responsibilities‚ÄĚ She interrupted me & completed
‚ÄúHey! even I am not ready for taking responsibilities,came here on wish of my parents and you saved its only you who could do something..the saviour‚ÄĚ I said showing no interest on her & marriage with dead heart.
‚ÄúOk..I‚Äôll try but I really like you as a person & we could be good friends‚ÄĚ she told me like I am unaware of girls superficial huh!!
‚Äúyeah, friends in some 25 mins‚Ķ.too early‚ÄĚ I replied holding my all cupid conspiracies & moved out of so-called meeting room with her.

Take 4..Back to Jaipurūüí¨
‚ÄúHey..How are you‚ÄĚ I greeted her like meeting her for first time
‚Äúlong time..‚ÄĚ she replied loudly as the punjabi music is on its high,
‚ÄúSomewhere two and half years‚Ķso your parents haven‚Äôt got a good match or else still cursing me‚ÄĚ I said with witty smile
‚ÄúI am really sorry, Shubh. I have no options to contact you even I didn‚Äôt imagine it could have led you to worse situation but somewhere its you who provoked me to lie‚ÄĚ she defended her.

Take 3 Consequences
‚ÄúSo how‚Äôs the girl, what‚Äôs your decision,I‚Äôll go with your opinion and not probing you to say yes‚ÄĚmy father questioned & answered me
‚ÄúDad,the girl is nice and I thought at least it would be good to settle down the things with engagement for a while & I‚Äôll marry her at right time‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúThat‚Äôs what I thought too‚Ķthank you my son‚ÄĚ he replied with a great smile

‚ÄúHow‚Äôs the boy..?‚ÄĚ Mr Mishra to her daughter(Surbhi)
‚ÄúDad, he is of mysterious personality with stumble mind. I have seen him before with girls in Delhi even he came here under the pressure of his parents. He smokes, drinks & hide things from his parents so he is not of honest mindset too but he is positive for marriage‚Ķstill I‚Äôll do whatever you say..‚ÄĚshe replied as usually in one go.
‚ÄúNo..never..I am happy,we came to know all this at right time‚Ķnevertheless we will wait for right time‚ÄĚ he completed in consolidating note.

Take 5 Back in Jaipur againūüí¨
‚Äúhaahaa..Yes,I know..I am the only one of my kind..who believes in making dead dreams come alive‚ÄĚ I giggled
‚ÄúAnd I am the one who has equal share in this crime and making that dream came true‚ÄĚshe replied pushing her hands towards me for friendship
and I am wishing if this moment will get still-stand here.
We visits all over Jaipur together for two days as i don’t want to lose these moments, it’s certainly a dream came true for me with increase in heart-beat, like I felt when the first time i saw her. Her eyes telling me that she has similar feelings for me too.

Take 6 Wedding Day
It’s the marriage day and the couple is looking as amazing as thier heavy designer wardrobes, i am very happy that they destined for each other because their marriage could be my wedding affair with Surbhi as I planned to propose her today.
Meanwhile when i was wandering in my colourful garden of thoughts i saw a devil coming right towards me devastating flowers of my dreams.
“Hey..Shubh beta(son),how are you..??Mr.Mishra surprised me with his sweet gesture.

“You indeed shubh (lucky) for me as my relation with my daughter strengthen more just because of your escape route plan on that day. Your generation is always looking towards imaginary future without caring the present.
Surbhi called me some days back when she met you here & let me know everything..Things could be easily settled down with your truth. You almost ruined your relation with your parents also & had a bad reputation in front of world nevertheless i feel today you are the best man for my daughter. You never spoke anything for her to anyone after so much happened..may be for love‚ÄĚ Mr. Mishra in traditional family style completed his emotional speech in one go and i saw happy faces of our family‚Ķour family because my parents are already landed here too.
‚ÄúI wish if my all dreams come true with you no matter if it‚Äôs in Rohini or Gurgaon,nobody will force you to move ever can we settle down the things now & you haven‚Äôt offered me cookies on that day with tea‚ÄĚ
I hold Surbhi’s hand and tried to propose her…
‚Äúbecause I sprinkled something over those cookies & apparently i fell in love with you so hadn‚Äôt offered those cookies otherwise washroom got occupied with you & only you that day‚ÄĚ she replied and laugh riot blasted there.
‚ÄúThese are best sweets for sweet couple..we expected it from you, doesn‚Äôt matter we are happy that our wedding would be your wedding affair‚ÄĚTarun & Shruti smiled together.
That day i realised that we have to live in present to save our future otherwise we will lose the valuable discounts offered to us by life.
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Save the Date – I (Short Story)

It’s November& isn’t a sweet November yet, with no travel assignments, no girl around & aah.. weddings to attend in queue. Marriage, the word itself is all to scream anyone who is a free soul, loves his/her space, wanted to explore the world as the idea of getting married is the end to all liberties of life. The practice of caging an eligible bachelor itself starts from these weddings and if someone falls in age group of 25-30 should be cautious enough of attending any wedding as in Indian weddings you cannot expect any personal space because the oldies will show no mercy on your ‚ÄúHappily Unmarried‚ÄĚ status & will fire back to back rounds of bullets like most personal questions on you with no escape route. They will scrutinise & qualify you for some third person without caring your concern.

Take 1..Delhiūüí¨
‚ÄúYour lipstick stains‚Ķ‚ÄĚall of sudden I am back from wedding trauma as this sweet track gazed me towards my phone that is ringing ..Its Tarun
‚ÄúShubh, please be ready by 7 pm..I‚Äôll pick you up and for god sake be ready means ready to fly..i am hoping for some mercy before my wedding‚ÄĚ he said in so fast & furious way that I won‚Äôt be able to say hello to him.
‚ÄúMercy on wedding..Are you serious??‚ÄĚI replied & we laughed.
I show some mercy on him getting punctual for the first time in life and here we left Delhi for Tarun’s wedding. He is my best friend & will soon be getting trap in wedding affair and interestingly the arrangements of funeral to his freedom is arranged at Jaipur for a week long spree of functions and I am accompanying him in this traumatic cause for moral support. After a drive of 4 hrs we reached Jaipur.

Take 2..Jaipurūüí¨
‚ÄúHi!! Brido..oh! Shruti, You‚Äôre getting more & more beautiful everyday‚Ķwhat‚Äôs the secret of this glow Ms.Fair & Lovely‚ÄĚ…I said in a witty manner loaded with laughter blast & in less than a second found myself embraced between so many red-hot cruel eyes starring & asking for my exit plan.
‚ÄúIt is just like your bunk comments those are getting more annoying & irritating with everyday‚ÄĚ she replied to save my exit & then slowly whispered in my ears ‚ÄúDon‚Äôt worry I‚Äôll find one for you, glowing more than Fair n Lovely..‚ÄĚ
It’s a lovely evening in Jaipur & I am expecting a buzzing night as its bachelors party of Tarun.
‚ÄúWhy Jaipur..I mean Tarun can manage to explore a Palace hotel of your choice in Delhi‚ÄĚ I questioned Shruti
‚ÄúFool its not about fort or‚Äôs about heritage & its not about finding palaces, its about finding souls. Wedding happens once in lifetime so make it most memorable experience ‚ÄĚ She replied philosophically.
‚ÄúLol!‚ĶOnce in life..‚ÄĚI laughed sarcastically and she added ‚ÄúActually its our dream‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúTarun never told me about his wild dream of making memories..‚ÄĚ I replied
‚ÄúOur means me & my best friend Surbhi‚Ķshe arranged everything and I‚Äôll arrange her dream‚ÄĚAgain philosophical Shruti
‚ÄúShubh..‚ÄĚ Tarun shouting behind me
‚ÄúWhat man‚Ķwhy are you shouting‚ÄĚ..
‚ÄúOh! My god I thought you are still sleeping‚ÄĚ he laughed and we followed to the venue of Bachelor‚Äôs Party that already spoiled the heart and soul of our friends sailed from Delhi because it looks like a Ladies sangeet(music) with allowance of men.
‚ÄúWhat is this‚Ķyou got engaged‚ÄĚTarun inquired as I am wearing a ring on that special finger indicating red signals for old aunties to avoid their unwanted questions about my wedding status.
‚Äúyeah!! I am and I am not a monk like you..falling in love then travelled odd 250 kms. away to attend his own wedding‚ÄĚI replied with agitation and sense of no mercy.
‚ÄúYou ass-hole..enjoy its my Bachelor‚Äôs party‚ÄĚhe said stressing on Bachelor word
‚ÄúTarun‚ĶI don‚Äôt mind enjoying but please don‚Äôt call this Mahila Sangeet(Ladies Music) a bachelors party‚Ķfor God sake look at the pale faces of your friends from Delhi‚ÄĚI said in serious tone.
‚ÄúGive me ten minutes Bro!‚ÄĚTarun smiled like he will wind up everything
like we Indians manage everything on jugaad(alternate solutions),some punjabi songs followed with drinks are enough for fetching the treat hunger of friends.
While people are busy in enjoying vibes of punjabi music I kept my corner meanwhile Shruti waved me & calling my name loudly..
‚ÄúShubh..She is Surbhi undergoing similar project as yours so I thought you‚Äôre the right person for her to help on it..‚ÄĚShruti introduced us & left‚Ķlike somebody is introducing me first time to her.

There is always a first time, for everything provided it comes in life for once..

Read further in next part that will disclose the first time moment between Shubh & Shruti..till then Save the date!

The Last Message…Part-1

The Last Message It is one of the coldest night of December and I was intensifying the sharpness of winter with single malt and flavoured cigar. I used to have such fun when feeling contented from the bottom of heart. After 4 years she sent the message and I read it many a times, no … Continue reading “The Last Message…Part-1”

The Last Message

It is one of the coldest night of December and I was intensifying the sharpness of winter with single malt and flavoured cigar. I used to have such fun when feeling contented from the bottom of heart. After 4 years she sent the message and I read it many a times, no I am not happy because she messaged me but the reason of joy is that I replied her and set myself free from an unknown guilt.

4 Years Ago


It was a fairly an expected result as my sixth sense strikes right on target at worst times. My friends were used to advise me that when two opposite gender spending most of their time together it‚Äôs not a relation of friendship, it‚Äôs a relation that silently remove the word “friend” with foolish feeling of four letters sounds attractively as love.

There are many things between a guy & a girl beyond those four letters called love‚ĶWell! I always believe that there is a space in Girl friend and Girlfriend‚Ķin fact we like to spend most of our time with a person who offers a much needed space in our general life and this active space makes any relationship breath lasts long but what if we don‚Äôt realize about this space…
So many questions are wandering over my 3 gms. of heavy weight random access memory, people called it mind……

The End.

‚ÄúSorry but it‚Äôs better to say bye‚Ķit‚Äôs good for you and me too‚Ä̂Ķshe slapped hard with her words.
And the story ends with that last message of love..

However I am mindless as I used to believe it‚Äôs either a start or restart but there is nothing like an end‚Ķ‚Ķso how come will I think of losing the things that fits in theory of end, maybe it happens when you switched off all the sources of light in room especially when it‚Äôs all dark in outside world too…

It’s a dark room with unspecified mysterious abandonment everywhere & a cloy smile over my face along with incessant flow of weird thoughts at somewhere in backdrop of chaotic mind & all of sudden a blink of micro red light from my phone signalled me to check the unread messages that took a harsh end offered with an unexpected space in life….

‚ÄúSorry but it‚Äôs better to say bye‚Ķit‚Äôs good for you and me too‚Ä̂Ķshe slapped hard with her words.
And the story ends with that last message of love..
I am blanked clueless‚Ķbecause it came from someone I admire most for the first time in my life maybe because I respect her. You can love everyone but you cannot respect everyone, once you start respecting someone the love would be eternal itself…that’s what I used to believe.
Is it so easy to break a bond instantly without even a reconsideration…a bond mounted long on the foundation of trust & faith embraced with unconditional love?

It’s hard to swallow but I have to because it’s her wish. She had already made her mind and took the conclusion whereas me……
I was thinking…

Why I always kept my tongue off….?
Why I always cared her so much…..?

Why I trust him so much?


‚ÄúHi, I am Raghav‚Ķ‚ÄĚI introduced myself with a low pitched excited voice
‚ÄúHi, I am Shreya‚ÄĚ she replied graciously‚Ķ.
That‚Äôs how the story begins but every story doesn‚Äôt belongs to an end and the best part of my kind of version is that I never wanted to hurt anyone so I normally ended up with depleted arrows on my back. I met her during my training sessions of 3 months and didn’t realised how she became my friend and then the best friend who kept my all secrets, daily chaos‚Ķgirls‚Ķparties everything.

She had deep beautiful brown eyes with beautiful innocent nature that easily attracts anyone towards her sweetness. The conspiracy of cupid elements happened with me and I ignored it off very well however I came closer instead of going away from her mystical aura. She is very different that’s her magic.

I became opportunist and begun helping out her in every assignment despite of bitter fact that I never had a very good past records with girlfriends but this time things were happening by their own even without my concern. It all happened with cherishing moments that we came closer to each other and with the each passing phase of time. I thought to make her fall in love I should make her happy as she looks adorably sweet when she smiles and she smiles when she was happy. It was an instant change that I never expected with myself…
A gentleman came out of me from nowhere who was anticipating for her happiness without any expectation in return.

Fortunately, I received a wonderful offer from the other company and I accepted the offer half heartily. On my last day of training I gave her a souvenir of my friendship so that she remembers me & she did.

I was lying on my bed and memories were all around my mind…. suddenly my phone beeped with blue light.
‚ÄúThanks for all your help and I missed all the things that made me smiled all the times. The souvenir you gave me will always motivates me towards growth and in return I promise you to be remain in touch forever‚Ķdidn’t know what’s this but I am missing you‚ÄĚ
That’s the magic moment for me & that changed me and my life for forever.


I came out of my dreams into the hell of reality. It’s been 10 days since I contacted her, I thought I should at least let her know about everything, about the truth so I tried reaching her but she didn’t pick. It’s all about the perceptions I called her so that I will convey the real things as I was hoping that she may understand but I was wrong. She is so close yet so far and no reason to stay is always good reason to leave.

Once again, I was dwelling into the ocean of memories, the misunderstandings that were created by me by being a gentleman always. I thought as I was leaving her, there should be a thread that would connect us and it was my dearest Aniket and somehow it proved a beautiful thought for me but a worst nightmare I ever saw.

Aniket is the dearest one but he did not like Shreya from the beginning days of our training, he used to say that she is not innocent but a very talented actress whereas on the other hand Shreya hates him more than he hates her and what I wanted to do is a miracle in itself..

I connected two of worst enemies into friends as I didn’t want to lose either a friendship for love or love for friendship. With my ample efforts they became friends. I wanted a to create group of friends as I believed him so much that I never ever imagined the real intentions behind his shrew mind. I made them friends and always tried to keep everything aligned on same page with each other.

With the passage of time he made his connection closer to her, he does whatever I used to did for her and tends to show me that he was only doing all this for me simultaneously on the other side somewhere it results into fights between Shreya & Me on every little fronts.

Time passes by like unknown roller coaster of strange misunderstandings between us, long night chats ended up into formal greetings and a bond of love swiftly becomes friend zoned


I hope you liked the first part of this story, click here to read The Last Message..Part-2

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Will meet you someday.. life!!

That’s first time I ever saw my father in dilemma….a worry…something which I never felt since I opened my eyes in the world of my happy happy family…..although he knew that Varun will keep his daughter more happier than any other guy in this world but he wanted to know my answer & I was happy with my parents call.

“What surprise “I replied curiously
“I will…20,000 will do “I replied to his unsaid words
“Love you my dear sister “he replied happily
“Ok…Ok…see…Nisha is calling…see you and enjoy “I ended
“Now…whats that…had urgent meeting today “I replied

It was the last semester of college and I already had some dreams for future as everything was happening in a short time period, engagement with Varun…best campus placement…everything was good.I was dreaming for my sweet future with open shallow eyes. It was my last exam and I was on the way to home with my friends…all of sudden a call changed the course of my life…


I tried to call varun many times but he was not picking my call, I was not able to sleep as well…each and every minute was like hours of century at that moment as no one had picked the call..neither anyone else nor Nihaal and Nisha.The next morning my uncle came to pick me and we were on the on our way to home.

As I stepped in..I saw crowd in front of my home, people mouning and my parents were wrapped in musk white sheets, sleeping like innocent children..i tried my best to wake them up
“And….they died “I replied in strong voice
I was shocked but gathered myself and all of sudden I felt the voice of life loading me with the responsibility of an elder sister towards my younger sister & brother.

I know Varun loved me so much so he came to me but with a irresistible deal to leave Nihaal & Nisha with my Uncle and Aunty and fly with him to USA…..I refused him and he never came back to me after that day I made myself busy in fulfilling dreams of my parents and family.
Nisha became fashion designer chose her life partner and got happily married and Nihaal got selected in IIT and became engineer and as I thought that my responsibilities are over..Nisha told me about Nihaal’s relationship with some girl.
I wished to visit Vaishno Devi when everything will be in place and it’s the time.
Everyone in the bus are with their family, friends,siblings and their loved one except me that gave me a sense of emptiness in life that I could share with me only.
I came back and looking for reality that is emptiness and lonliness. Nihaal is coming after a long time so I am little excited for him.
And Nihaal broke into happiness



It’s the day when I decided to let myself free from every responsibility, time to spread my wings in open blue sky to fly, to live life,I gathered myself and step out from all boundaries of life for Alisha….



Eye for Eye

Forget all the cruelities of this world
All the truth & lie
resides in my eyes however
it needs an eye to find
what’s in eye.



I could not met her
i was dejected
i cried & sobbed
then i forget as
the sunsets are glorious at times
but full of lonliness.
Loneliness is also beautiful
provided one should know
the art of enjoying it.


He never leaves hope. He believes leaving hope is like leaving life. One dayblife was leaving the life & said “Its always been a regret to me that you never love me the way i love you”

” Sometimes people realise the significance of love after leaving the loved one’s ” he replied with hope

Hoping either she stays back or if she will leave, she’ll be back to him someday.

& after some months

Hope bring backs the life!