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Love is a feeling beyond
claiming explanations,
I poured the elixir to relieve
your broken pieces & cerate
the joys that you missed at all,
I owe you in my own way
may be you’ll realised one day.

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Love Notes

There is no such thing as beautiful & painful as Love.

Everything in this world has its pros and cons, nothing is perfect so does love is.

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Zaayka ( जा़यका)

खाने में नमक कम सही, रिश्तो का जा़यका प्यार से बनाये रखें !

नज़र का ईशारा न समझ सके
हम नासमझ गुस्ताख़
खाने में नमक कम था
पर जा़यका प्यार का लाजवाब!

Nazar ka ishara na samajh sake
hum nasamajh gustakh
khaane mein namak kam tha
par zaayka pyaar ka lajawaab.



“Compliments don’t always have to be about appearance”

Its nice to be told you’re beautiful or hot or whatever, but i would love to hear some say that i make things easier, that they are happy i exist, they do not know what they’d do without me, I am strong, that they hope we never lose each other, that they’re proud of me, that i have something to offer.

Its all about making others comfortable in your presence.

Make everyone feel special in your presence, the respect & love you’ll get in return is the biggest compliment that stays till last.

Love Notes

Eyes are the gateway of introducing the most amazing feelings connected with heart & sometimes eyes says it all provided one can read it perfectly.

Love Notes!💕

Love at first sight is possible
but it always pays
to take a second look!!

Love Notes

I Love you because

You are my life &

A life without you is worthless,

Never be my choice.


I could not met her
i was dejected
i cried & sobbed
then i forget as
the sunsets are glorious at times
but full of lonliness.
Loneliness is also beautiful
provided one should know
the art of enjoying it.


Love is
when my pain melts
in your embrace &
life tastes bitter,sweet,
soft but alive just like
your favourite chocolate.

Love Notes

Lets go through to love lane

Once again..

Let her make feel jealous

Let me feel jealous too.