A Wish…

Come here little close to me
beyond the peripheries of wrong & right
bless me with a gentle touch of your sunlight
niether dark nor bright like a rising blonde sky,
Inject endless love, a little pain
a pinch of joy & a fresh breathe of life
like a sweet melody of eternal shrines
far away from sins, sorrows & crimes.


Everyday Mother’s Day❤

For the first love of every child…

Sweet, caring, always close to you and stood behind you with same devotion & love whether it’s thunderstorm of unbearable problems or showers of joy, lap wherein you’ll forget all pains and wake up to see her loving face…medicine of .every cause, MOTHER.
Make her feel special everyday because she is behind your existence and a step closer to feel god.

Mother’s love is unquestionably the most cherish emotion of life. Mother, the word itself get rid from all worldly pains and sufferings with injection of a soothing touch of relief.

Everyday Mother’s Day!!

Toiled day long, her magical embrace is boon

Wishing all the mothers here, a very happy mother’s day today & everyday because you all are holy blessed souls.

#mothersday #happymothersday #everydaymothersday

Keep Writing & Reading,


Love & Happiness

We used to wander a lot in search of
materialistic love & happiness to feed our lives and apparently lose many opportunities to cherish precious moments of life back in time while searching for materialistic needs,
wherein world of all love & happiness resides somewhere deep inside in us only, all it needs a look beyond selfishness.

Baawre mann kyu bhatkta hai
Ungliyo se keemati samay sarakta hai
Dhundhta kya dar-b-dar
pyaar aur khushiyan jahaan ki
Jahaan ki khushiya aur pyaar
tere andar basta hai

बावरे मन क्यूँ भटकता है
उंगलियों से कीमती समय सरकता है
ढुँढता क्या दर-ब-दर
प्यार और खुशियाँ जहाँ की
जहाँ की खुशियाँ और प्यार
तेरे अंदर बसता है!


Finding Myself..

Spend sometime with yourself, listen to yourself to become who you are.

Sometimes i thought of
travelling back through the past times
to find myself lost within somewhere
in the world of fake displays & disguise
to let my soul free again & get rid of
all the sins & committed crimes,
Sometimes i thought of
loving you back twice
to get lost in ocean of beautiful eyes
for the magical view of smiling wonders
dancing upon the vibes of joy
to find the lost melody of life,
Sometimes i thought of
fixing all the bugs beyond truth & lie
within the journey of finding myself
to bring back the moments & memories again
i closed my eyes with refurbished smile
for my innocent dreams to be come alive.



A hindi poetic piece inspired from a lovely saying “Do not ask for the destination when the journey is beautiful”

Phoolo ka murjhaana toh yaad raha
Zindagi ka taraana hi bhool gaya
Yaad aaya ab yeh ki safar mein hai hum
Safar kabhi kahi humsafar nahi rehta
Manzil ki talash mein ek kadam jo thehra
Ke khubsurat karwaan hi bhool gaya.


Happy Friendship Day!

I sincerely thank GOD for stitching some beautiful hearted People into the fabric of my life . May God keep all my precious threads always happy and intact.

Life is an unknown destination
we are in journey
we met with lot of passengers
some keep on thier travel with us
some stays in our memories
some make promise to meet again..
however the we keep on moving
from one place to other
in search of desires with no ends

Live life, spread happiness & make friends.


Don’t Quit!

When things go wrong
As they sometimes will,
When the road you are trudging seems all uphill
When the funds are low & debts are high
And you want to smile
But you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit
Rest if you must, but don’t quit,

Life is queer with its twists and turns
As everyone of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about
When he might have won
had he stuck it out..
Don’t quit though the pace seems slow
You may get success with another blow,

Success is a failure turned inside out
The silver tints of clouds of doubts
and you never can tell how closer you’re
It may be near when seems so far
So stick to fight,
When you are hardest hit
Its when things seems worst that you
Must not quit!

The winner never quits and,
The quitter never wins!

Smile Please☺

A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks.

It is something that is worth nothing to anyone until it is given away.

A smile cost nothing but it creates much.It enriches those who recieve it without impoverishing those who give it. It happens in a flash and the memory of it may last forever.

None are so rich that they can get along without it, and none so poor that they cannot be richer for its benefits.

It creates happiness in home, fosters goodwill in business and is countersign of friends. It is rest to weary, sunshine to sad, daylight to discouraged and nature’s best antidote for trouble.

Smile Please!☺


When the roads to success turns aside down

When the light of smile swirls into dark mourn

When you found yourself alone with nobody around

When the mind denied to initiate a fresh start

There comes an opportunity to take up guard

On positive ground against all odds

Play safe with all courage and

Hope in heart

As the ball that falls from high

Will bounce back with its highest fly!!