Save the Date – II (Short Story)

Recap: Shubh has his own mindset about marriage and accompanying his best friend Tarun on his wedding with Surbhi, he reached Jaipur for destination wedding where he was introduced to Shruti by Surbhi like it happened for first time.

👉Click here to read the first part Save The Date – I

Take 3 Noida💬
“No, Mom I am not ready for marriage yet as I am not financially stable & looking to meet with some other tasks in life first..marriage isn’t one of them”consoling to my Mom on debate of marriage.
“Your father already had words with Mr.Mishra and we are going tomorrow to meet his family & daughter.She is beautiful,well cultured & also settled at Delhi with her job”My mom ordered with no choice to me as where there is father’s order there is no choice.
Finally I submitted myself in front of my parents and sitting besides a beautiful slim fair girl with all red cheeks & lips and cursing upon my fortune because for a moment I wanted to forget my all dreams and freedom for this angel.We were left alone for sometime in the room with pre-arranged tea-table & the situation reminded me of typical Barjatya’s Bollywood movies.
“I work & put up in Gurgaon…and you put up in Delhi right..although everything is closely connected there, like Delhi-NCR”..I broke the silence showing curiosity to know about her.
“Yes, but it’s too far from’s in Rohini with one room-mate & its near to my workplace too.There is no hope of coming down to Gurgaon ever for me” she encountered in one go like we were participants of any debate contest about connectivity of Delhi-NCR.
“who told you to shift the place?” I almost defended
“If things will get settle positively today then…”
“Then..what?” I cut her
“Then actually….Please do me a favour,reject me or say no for this proposal” she paused & almost broke my heart & alive my dead dreams again
“You want to marry with someone else,you can tell me..I’ll help you out”
“No..I am single & happy just looking forward to my dreams and not ready for taking responsibilities” She interrupted me & completed
“Hey! even I am not ready for taking responsibilities,came here on wish of my parents and you saved its only you who could do something..the saviour” I said showing no interest on her & marriage with dead heart.
“Ok..I’ll try but I really like you as a person & we could be good friends” she told me like I am unaware of girls superficial huh!!
“yeah, friends in some 25 mins….too early” I replied holding my all cupid conspiracies & moved out of so-called meeting room with her.

Take 4..Back to Jaipur💬
“Hey..How are you” I greeted her like meeting her for first time
“long time..” she replied loudly as the punjabi music is on its high,
“Somewhere two and half years…so your parents haven’t got a good match or else still cursing me” I said with witty smile
“I am really sorry, Shubh. I have no options to contact you even I didn’t imagine it could have led you to worse situation but somewhere its you who provoked me to lie” she defended her.

Take 3 Consequences
“So how’s the girl, what’s your decision,I’ll go with your opinion and not probing you to say yes”my father questioned & answered me
“Dad,the girl is nice and I thought at least it would be good to settle down the things with engagement for a while & I’ll marry her at right time”
“That’s what I thought too…thank you my son” he replied with a great smile

“How’s the boy..?” Mr Mishra to her daughter(Surbhi)
“Dad, he is of mysterious personality with stumble mind. I have seen him before with girls in Delhi even he came here under the pressure of his parents. He smokes, drinks & hide things from his parents so he is not of honest mindset too but he is positive for marriage…still I’ll do whatever you say..”she replied as usually in one go.
“No..never..I am happy,we came to know all this at right time…nevertheless we will wait for right time” he completed in consolidating note.

Take 5 Back in Jaipur again💬
“haahaa..Yes,I know..I am the only one of my kind..who believes in making dead dreams come alive” I giggled
“And I am the one who has equal share in this crime and making that dream came true”she replied pushing her hands towards me for friendship
and I am wishing if this moment will get still-stand here.
We visits all over Jaipur together for two days as i don’t want to lose these moments, it’s certainly a dream came true for me with increase in heart-beat, like I felt when the first time i saw her. Her eyes telling me that she has similar feelings for me too.

Take 6 Wedding Day
It’s the marriage day and the couple is looking as amazing as thier heavy designer wardrobes, i am very happy that they destined for each other because their marriage could be my wedding affair with Surbhi as I planned to propose her today.
Meanwhile when i was wandering in my colourful garden of thoughts i saw a devil coming right towards me devastating flowers of my dreams.
“Hey..Shubh beta(son),how are you..??Mr.Mishra surprised me with his sweet gesture.

“You indeed shubh (lucky) for me as my relation with my daughter strengthen more just because of your escape route plan on that day. Your generation is always looking towards imaginary future without caring the present.
Surbhi called me some days back when she met you here & let me know everything..Things could be easily settled down with your truth. You almost ruined your relation with your parents also & had a bad reputation in front of world nevertheless i feel today you are the best man for my daughter. You never spoke anything for her to anyone after so much happened..may be for love” Mr. Mishra in traditional family style completed his emotional speech in one go and i saw happy faces of our family…our family because my parents are already landed here too.
“I wish if my all dreams come true with you no matter if it’s in Rohini or Gurgaon,nobody will force you to move ever can we settle down the things now & you haven’t offered me cookies on that day with tea”
I hold Surbhi’s hand and tried to propose her…
“because I sprinkled something over those cookies & apparently i fell in love with you so hadn’t offered those cookies otherwise washroom got occupied with you & only you that day” she replied and laugh riot blasted there.
“These are best sweets for sweet couple..we expected it from you, doesn’t matter we are happy that our wedding would be your wedding affair”Tarun & Shruti smiled together.
That day i realised that we have to live in present to save our future otherwise we will lose the valuable discounts offered to us by life.
© prashantt

Author: Prashantt

🔭A hotel sales professional, food & travel lover, published travel & leisure writer. Chef Gordon Ramsay & Chef Ranveer Brar are favourites. I love to read indian authors, Nikita Singh the most favourite with John Green & Nicholas Sparks are my kinds of reads. I hope you will enjoy visiting my blog. Open for suggestions & advices. *****This is an AWARD FREE BLOG, your love towards my writing would be my reward so your feedbacks & suggestions are always valuable for me***** Have a great day & smile a lot😊

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    1. Thank you so much Vageesha for reading & valuable feedback, i wanted to write a story with continuous movement in background that either break or make the pace.It is my first closed end story, you’ll find open end in my all stories( next stories).
      Thanks again & have a great weekend ahead!😇

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        1. The channel is apt on info about india from past to present in every field like history,travel,food….you should watch the Ekaant series at 12 noon on Sunday.
          They shooted on Bhangarh😂😂😂😛😛

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    1. Thank youu so much your lovely words, glad you like it. I hope you will like the other stuff too.
      Keep writing & have a great day ahead!😇💐

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  1. Finally I submitted myself in front of my parents and sitting besides a beautiful slim fair girl with all red cheeks & lips and cursing upon my fortune because for a moment I wanted to forget my all dreams and freedom for this angel.
    THIS IS SO FUNNY! 😂😂😂😂

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    1. Thankss…there is one more horror comic fiction based on my trip to Bhangarh(among most haunted asian place)
      Thanks again, love and lights to your way..Keep writing!😇💐


  2. Woww I’m glad I read this whole story in one full go, the other part and now this one. Cause I never would have waited to read the second part 😂😂..I got so damn excited after the first one..!🤪🤪

    I guess you should try podcasts lol😂😂 are so fucking greatttt 🤭

    Good day ahead🤪💞💞

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    1. Haahaa…Hey! Dr. I hope you had a great day, I am sure of one thing that your patients would definately leave with smiles after all routine boring checkups 😂😂 Do let me know whenever you planned for Delhi NCR, discount toh milega hi😋😋
      Yes, I had a podcast account on anchor but never tried uploading anything because of laziness. I write travel articles for magzines( freelance & guest writer) and enjoy story telling a lot but beacuse of lazy attitude I only post these farzi sort of unorthodox writings.
      I will give it a try on podcast now.
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      1. Hiee..hope you are doing good prashant !😊

        Well that’s so sweet of you to even think that😅😅. After all, a smile is what one craves for, and then wont be that a shame on me if anyone leaves without smiles..!??😅🤭

        Hahaha, yes for sure..! Kya baat kr di😂😂 zroor denge..!

        You’re kidding me right? Laziness?😂😂
        That’s the biggest dilemma lmao😂😂
        Most of the things are left behind only because of this goddamnn laziness..! Pheww.
        Anyways, I must say, you are really good at story telling and kinda stuff, and I bet you, if your podcast doesnt reach millions, do ping me😂😂😂
        You can do so many wonders, you are not even aware of. So, just go and do. Leave up the lazy attitude.😂 btw, dont you dare call this piece farzi n all, I surely loved it.
        You surely need to try your hands on that. Hoping to listen yours soon..!😂💞💞
        Good luck with this.
        You too have a great day ahead ❤


        1. I am elated now after this much of encouragement…😂😂 that is why I said that it is impossible to leave without smile after meeting a dr. with such envisions.
          Waise doctor se discount lena sahi nahi..right😂😂 Apne ko Dilli ke hi doctor sahi..kuch gadbad hui toh pakad to lo🤕🤭🤭
          I will have atleast a listner now so better give it a start and I hope to do it soon sunday chutti bhi hai 😋
          Thanks for encouragement & that is the beauty of this platform getting chance to interact beautiful friends like you.

          Take care & Have a great weekend ahead Doctor! It is always pleasure speaking to you.🙌🙌🤗

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          1. Hahah, that’s very kind of you. This honour is so much more than I deserve. 😅😅
            Aree aree 😂😂..aap karvaiye dilli ke doctron se ilaaj😂😂..pakad lena agar kli gadbad hui..damn😂😂😂🤦‍♀️
            Always there..!😊
            Yes, that is the very beauty, meeting so kind hearted souls like you here..!🙂💐

            You too have a great sunday prashant..|😁
            Hope the day treats you good.
            And the pleasure is not more than me🤗🤗🤗

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