Love Notes

I Love you because

You are my life &

A life without you is worthless,

Never be my choice.


Yeh neeli neeli makhmal ki chaadar
Behata sagar, waqt aur pal puraane
Samete hue hazaaro raaz khazane
Yaha main hu, tum ho aur hai haseen samaa
Apne mein khoye dono dhundhte laakh bahaane
Dooriyo ko bhulaane ke, nazdeek aane ke!

Happy Father’s Day

Somethings looks better to be unmatched..

Happy Fathers Day!

An Introduction..đź’‹


Sometimes this wild world needs a wild introduction of love.

sketch your lips with my name, leave the imprints on my bare chest so that our love needs no introduction to this intriguing world!

A Dream!

Last night, I slept over a dream
everything was amazing between you & me
its fantastic, beautiful & serene
fragrance coming down from the valley of flowers
Pristine roads covered with snow
cupids pitching romantics on soft notes
sensation of heartbeats falling high, sometimes low..
Soon i realised it was a mere fantasy
but i kept my eyes closed
to explore a relationship beyond realities of sweet impossibilities a little more.