The Closet

Sharing a wonderful essence of present & past emotic memoir ride in form of beautiful poetry by lovely sister Neelam.

Check out her blog for more such beautiful verses on this link Neelam

I opened an old closet

It was present I wished to find, but

I was greeted with the essence of past

The closet has sarees, petticoats, and blouses

It has eight decades of life, now lifeless

It has the smell of the 90s, the colours of 80s

It has tales of cities, folded neatly in piles

It has lingering scent of coconuts

Of fair n lovely and betel nuts

It has silver strands lying

Like a river under the moonlight

It is the memoir of a bride

It is the grief of a widow

It has sorrow of losing one child

And then other in a row

I need the closet for myself

But I don’t have enough room

To house this portrait of life

I close the closet I opened

I leave this task for some other day

Some other time……


Love is
when my pain melts
in your embrace &
life tastes bitter,sweet,
soft but alive just like
your favourite chocolate.