(Gokarna-II)Exploring Murudeshwar..A paradise

Gokarna is remote holy town known for its temples and shrines. While at Gokarna I learnt that India’s first tallest statues of Shiva, is located at Murudeshwar, an hour’s distance from Gokarna.  It is said that while at Gokarna one must visit Murudeshwar. The tallest Shiva Statue is also known as Shiva of Murudeshwar. The statue is 123 feet tall. The Shiva of Murudeshwar is located in town in Bhatkal Taluk of Uttara Kannada district. The name Murudeshwar is another name of the Hindu Lord Shiva. 
With this I packed to explore Murudeshwar. It is an hour’s drive to reach Murudeswar from Gokarna, as one nears; the tallest statue of Lord Shiva starts to become visible. Murudeshwar, is the temple town with a vibrant beauty and golden history, located on the Arabian seafront in  Bhatkal Taluk of Uttara Kannada district in the state of Karnataka and is well connected by roads and railway. Nearest airport is located 127 kms in Manglore.

Once at Murudeshwar, to my awe the place left me spellbound with its lush green landscapes, the spectacular Shiva statue, bordering it was the expansive three side Arabian Sea, an exotic and a remote location. The place had lots for me to explore: 

This magnificent Murudeshwar Temple is built on Kanduka Hills surrounded on three sides by the water of the Arabian Sea. The view has its own beauty and is majestic by all means. One can also get a panoramic view of the statue from the lift in 20-storied Gopura the temple authorities have built. A Gopura, is a gateway usually built, at the entrance of any temple, especially in Southern India.

The Rajagopura near the statue at the entrance of the Temple is the world’s tallest gopura and is 249 feet., this mammoth structure is addition to wonderful experience of tourist. The Gopura has 20 floors fitted with elevators to reach the top from where the tourist can have a panaromic view of place and admire the beauty of crafts and nature. The temple is designed like a cave. The main deity of temple is Sri Mridesa Linga, also called Murudeswara. The linga is believed to be a piece of the original Atma Linga and is about two feet grounded.
The Murudeshwar beach is just opposite to the temple. The scenic beauty of this coastal town has a lot to relax, rejuvenate and unwind. I spent an hour at beach as I wanted to see the sunset at the Arbian Sea. There is a natural stroll along the seaside pathway with green landscape on one side and the sea on the other. The place has a wavepool and waterpark for the kids. At the wavepool one will find the best sunset point. A perfect way to end an day at Murudeshwar is to see the sun sinking in the Arabian Sea. 

Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year, the weather is pleasant in the months of November to February.

Author: Prashantt

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23 thoughts on “(Gokarna-II)Exploring Murudeshwar..A paradise”

        1. Oh! Thank you so much sir…yes,morever this place is all about Lord Shiva & family with some more temples of Lord Ganesha & Goddess Kali with some of unrevealed lovely beaches out here.My next and last post of this series would be on beaches of Gokarna.

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    1. Its will take some 4-5 hrs to reach there from Mangalore,thanks so much for your encouraging words as i’ll be left with one more post to complete this Gokarna series & that will definately make you pack your bags…
      Thanks again,your words means a lot😊

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  1. Though my native haven’t been here…wonderful place indeed n your words liven them even more… Added this as my must visit place in my already long tourist list lol… Thanks for letting us know of this place 😊👍

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    1. I am glad you like it though i am sure your parents must aware of this place as this is a place with religious importance too…next and last post will be on its beach…you’ll definately forget about goa 😉😊

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    1. Its 123 ft high and besides temples,you will have lovely beaches & falls here also, its a must visit place that’s still not very popular.

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        1. I was referenced to this place by one of my friend who resides at Manglore and yes the place is still away from popularity.

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