Hold My Hands!!

So here is my collab writing with my lovely  younger sister Neelam,amazed to see her writings and its awesome to share space with her, a warm welcome to her on bloggers best platform.Check out her work on neelamkarnatak

The winds are cold and times are hard

Shattered and broken, I know you are

The path is rough and it seems dark

Have faith and hope, this too shall pass

The word comes from the days of yore

Long night shall be broken by dawn

Holding your hand, we’ll stand strong

For good times shall atone for all 

At last- when winter has passed and sun is bright

When wind is soft and spring arrives

Let me hold your hand and walk for a while

Adding few steps to those million miles….


I will always be here near to you

either in starlit nights or 

bright sunlights carrying blues

in waft of melodious waves

that relishes & rejuvenates to few,

if you’ll recognize me

touch my heart & feel the blow

hold my hands,don’t let me go.



A Beautiful Mind!

Dive down thousands fathom inside

indecipherable is your beautiful mind

the more i lost in you

the more i dissolve in adorable blues

I gathered sweet silk & soft touch

replenished with kiss of love

cuddled all day long in half drowsy eyes

i took away all act of shyness

so there remained no place to hide

Dive down thousands fathom inside

indecipherable is your beautiful mind.

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