Shayari Round #1

This is something very different from my pen as i am great admirer of Gulzar Sahab & Prasoon Joshi when it comes to our zubaani.Inspired by a fellow writer & some friends I pen down an extract on hindi urdu.They told me that Hindi Urdu is fading away though i told them it will never become old seasoned but it really needs a lot of heart & passion to pen down emotion on this genre which is difficult in today’s generation including myself although i’ve seen some gems doing awesome work on it.


In the dream of last night

she just walkby and said

you forget me…;

once upon a time

i was in your every story

i was your inspiration & sublime poetry

what if the story won’t lasts

i want to live with you 

till your words breath lasts;

so i pen down the emotions

inked with eternal love

an attempt on words that is last,

gathered the broken pieces of heart

while drove into the past

collected moments & memories

some untold stories;

She came into the dream again

and said this is masterpiece of wordcraft.


Life is strange

Eloped with bright journeys

Thougj threats are dark

With some courage,take a step ahead

Feel its hidden adventurous charm

Open up the close arms,leave your marks

Its all here,embrace the spark!

Black Cat,Blue Sea Award

I would love to thank Aanchal nominating me for this beautiful award. Do check her wonderful blog . I would like to wish her with all success & lucks as she will be stepping up to a college life.Its a time to enjoy & backpack yourself with some responsibilities with handful of fun.

This is special for me because be it any writing platform other than my travel and storytelling articles for magazines where i am getting paid,i just write anything that comes to my mind morever it comes as poetry and quotes now a days but i write for myself only and i am very thankful to you for appreciating it that motivates me to write some quality stuff as i never recheck my writing once it its done so if you ever noticed they are full of grammatical & spelling errors but thats me and i am on a verge of recovery that is much needed when you are penning your book at least 😉 I grown up here as an writer and this is one process i want to continue with as long as possible with your valuable support in terms of feedbacks.

About this Award “This award is for bloggers who strive to write for everybody, and no matter how many viewers they get, make an impact on a reader. This award is an expression of gratitude to the nominee. It should be awarded to anybody that you choose deserves it.


My Answers to her questions:

How do you keep yourself going i.e how do you motivate yourself?

I always keep believe in myself that i learnt from my small professional front and i used to keep positivism with me by indulging myself into group of positive people and things.This is childish but i have some movies & songs that i used to watch or listen whenever i feel low to boost up my confidence.

When was the last time you cried with laughter, and what was it at?

I got a contract signed for three articles from a reputed magazine(Travel & Liesure) and my first article got place on cover and published without any editing errors.I never thought of this in my dreams though its a secondary in terms of work priorities but writing is close to me always be it any genre or form.

What is the one thing you’d most like to do in life before you die if money and fear were no obstruction?

I would like to travel all over the world as i feel “To travel is life”.

My Questions:

What is your dream & passion of life?What are your steps towards achieving it?

Which one character of any read book you loved most and why?

If given an opportunity to write a book,which genre will you prefer to write on & why?

My Nominations:

Although each and every blogger has something special with his/her pen here but rule is to nominate seven of them.My nominees are:


Sweta Ojha




Roberta Pimental


Do check their amazing blogs for beautiful reads.

Happy writing!!

3 day quote challenge #day 3

Thank you very much Prerna for nominating me for 3 day quote challenge.

Here are the rules:
Three quote for three days

Three nominees each day(no repetition)

Thank the person who nominated you.

Inform the nominees.

Love is beautiful desire and all serene beauties hold fragrance of life beneath & cult fire

My nominees for day 3:

Life is all about pain


..poetry and etc.

Check out thier blogs for amazing reads 🙂

3 Day Quote Challenge #Day 2

This is my quote for #day 2 under the 3 day quote challenge nominated by amazing wordsmith Prerna .

Here are the rules:
Three quote for three days
Three nominees each day(no repetition)

Thank the person who nominated you.

Inform the nominees.

The quote is again written by me & i hope you’ll like it & feel the essence of the quote.

My nominees on day 2 are :



Charvi Tandon

Do check thier blogs for amazing readings!

3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1

​Thank you very much Prernafor nominating me for 3 day quote challenge.

Here are the rules:

Three quote for three days
Three nominees each day(no repetition)

Thank the person who nominated you.

Inform the nominees.

Here is quote for day 1 written by me.

Caped in different colours,life is sweet mystery!!

My nominees for day 1 are:

 Sweta Ojha


Smriti Bajaj

Visit thier blogs to read beautiful craft of pen & wonderful thoughts.

With you..

I will always be there near to you

In waft of melodious spring waves

That relishes and rejuvenates to few

If you recognise me..

Touch my heart and feel the blow

Hold my hands & don’t let me go.

Hold My Hands!!

So here is my collab writing with my lovely  younger sister Neelam,amazed to see her writings and its awesome to share space with her, a warm welcome to her on bloggers best platform.Check out her work on neelamkarnatak

The winds are cold and times are hard

Shattered and broken, I know you are

The path is rough and it seems dark

Have faith and hope, this too shall pass

The word comes from the days of yore

Long night shall be broken by dawn

Holding your hand, we’ll stand strong

For good times shall atone for all 

At last- when winter has passed and sun is bright

When wind is soft and spring arrives

Let me hold your hand and walk for a while

Adding few steps to those million miles….


I will always be here near to you

either in starlit nights or 

bright sunlights carrying blues

in waft of melodious waves

that relishes & rejuvenates to few,

if you’ll recognize me

touch my heart & feel the blow

hold my hands,don’t let me go.



A Beautiful Mind!

Dive down thousands fathom inside

indecipherable is your beautiful mind

the more i lost in you

the more i dissolve in adorable blues

I gathered sweet silk & soft touch

replenished with kiss of love

cuddled all day long in half drowsy eyes

i took away all act of shyness

so there remained no place to hide

Dive down thousands fathom inside

indecipherable is your beautiful mind.

Pic Source:Google