Love at first sight


Sometimes flawless fantasies of mind keeps you alive
but everything else lasts
when I encountered by those
sweet shy innocent eyes,
I fell in black magic of her
beautiful aura in very first sight
Respect is the word
came out of my wanderer heart
she changed my views
without exchanging any word
and a scoundrel sure to be less from this world
she is not someone perfect
but I found my life in her smile.

Liebster Award



Thank you so much  Aanchal ( for nominating me.Its been a pleasure reading your wonderful writings here and wish all success for your future ventures.Keep writing!! J

Following are the questions  asked by Aanchal:

1 How did you decide on the title of your blog?

It is not at all a cherry pick for me as I want to give it a title in my name only & unfortunately I was not getting it at the time of registering to WordPress so I pick Prashantt and from  that  time onwards I use this as my name wherever I write or even when I got published.

2.Dog or Cat?

I don’t like both,but with no choice its Dog for its loyalty.

3.What does your dream house look like?

I cannot settle down for one thing,but it would be a small house somewhere in hills/mountains surrounded with all natural beauty of flora and fauna away from  the chaos of cities.

4.Who is your favorite star?

I am a die hard fan of Ranbir Kapoor & Leonardo Di Caprio.

5.What’s one piece of advice you’d give your younger self?

I would say always keep believing  in yourself  & think positive even in hard times.

6.Hot or Cold?

Hot  people enjoy cold more so Thumps Up the Toofani Thanda(Stormy Cold)

 7.Which blogs do you check daily?

 I used to check every blog  i follow  because every blog has its own beauty & I learn a lot from them.

8.What is your strength?

 I keep myself positive in every situation that helped me out in my tough times.

 9.What’s your drink of choice?

 Depends on occasion , but I like to have a chocolate Oreo shake anytime.

10.In your opinion, what is the best blog post you’ve written so far? Give us the link.

 I am glad to share my favorite blog that later on published as an article and featured on cover page also.

 I enjoyed a lot writing travelogs & stories, so I am sharing my experience of travelling while I was Leh Ladakh & I hope you will like it.

 11.What is your favorite restaurant?

 Being a Hotelier I crave for any type of food anywhere, even I enjoyed more on exploring street food so I cannot typecast into this category.

  Facts about myself:

  1. I am a person with a positive attitude.
  2. I cannot stick at one place for long so Traveling is the other half of my soul especially places close to nature.
  3. I can cook well (depends on mood)
  4. I am fond of watching Bollywood movies & I never missed  to watch Ranbir Kapoor,Varun Dhawan & Hrithik Roshan  movies on big screen 😉
  5. I like painting & have won accolades in painting also.
  6. I like blue colour
  7. I don’t like fashionable accessories other than wrist watches,I have a good collection of watches.
  8. I can mingle with anyone in a short time span, so lots of friends on my list.
  9. I used to read books by my favorite authors in free time.
  10. Nikita Singh is my favorite author and I received a coffee mug & a signed book from her last year that was my best moment ever too.
  11. Good food is my weakness.

Nominate the deserving ones.

Everyone here is best, but still I would nominate few bloggers-


Here are my questions for you guys-

1.What is your favorite genre of writing?
2. What is the most memorable compliment you ever received?
3. Politician or Actor/Actress?
4. Who is your favorite Author?
5.One thing you cannot live without?
6. Who is your Role Model?
7. Which blog you enjoyed most on reading?
8. What is your weakness?
9. What inspires you to write?
10. Your favorite holiday destination & why?.
11. What is your biggest dream of life?

Thanks all!!

Keep Writing!!