Love remains Undie…


She is unaccomplished revrie of his eyes
Priceless treasure & pleasure of life
He can runaway distant miles from world
Cannot hide himself from her lonely sigh
He is her only beautiful dream
Kept safe in her closed eyes
Breath lasts with pause in pulse
Souls live last & love remain undie.

Author: Prashantt

🔭A hotel sales professional, food & travel lover, published travel & leisure writer. Chef Gordon Ramsay & Chef Ranveer Brar are favourites. I love to read indian authors, Nikita Singh the most favourite with John Green & Nicholas Sparks are my kinds of reads. I hope you will enjoy visiting my blog. Open for suggestions & advices. *****This is an AWARD FREE BLOG, your love towards my writing would be my reward so your feedbacks & suggestions are always valuable for me***** Have a great day & smile a lot😊

4 thoughts on “Love remains Undie…”

    1. Thanks for read Jyoti! Indeed love is unsolved mystery,it is more of feelings that is why it is one of best topic to write on for any writer since times back.I hope you’ll solve the mystery with your words someday😉😊

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